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Strathmere Improvement Association Spring Newsletter

Strathmere Improvement Association Spring Newsletter
March 23, 2017

Two Important Local Issues and a Gem of a Whale Beach/Library of Congress Connection

Surprise Announcement of Closure of Taylor Avenue (Whale Creek) boat ramp
 In a move that surprised many in Strathmere and Whale Beach, the Township Committee announced its decision at its February 27 meeting to close the Taylor Avenue boat ramp next to the Whale Creek Marina. It would still allow kayakers to launch from there, but would send all boaters and jet skiers to the newly installed Bayview Avenue ramp in Strathmere where a toll attendant will be on duty. It should be noted that during the summer town hall meeting hosted by the Citizens for Strathmere and Whale Beach (CFSWB), there was no mention of plans to close the ramp, nor did the Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club (SFEC) have any knowledge it was going to happen. Here's a link to the story explaining the Township's reasoning:

 Board members of the Strathmere Improvement Association sent a letter to Mayor Palombo voicing concerns about the ramifications which include increased boating traffic and congestion at the Bayview ramp; a lack of parking for the increased amount of vehicles and trailers caused by the closure, potential safety issues in times of storms when boaters need to quickly get their boats out of the water, and the drastic affect on those with boats docked at the Whale Creek Marina and at private homes along the bay. Additionally, it will make it more inconvenient for boaters to gas up and will impact the Marina's business serving day-trippers and regulars in need of bait, gas and other supplies.         
 In addition to the letter, the SIA will be represented at the upcoming Township Committee Meeting where, during the public open session, we will join with the (SFEC) and other organizations in town to voice our opposition to the ramp's closure.  The meeting is at Township Hall in Petersburg at 7:30 pm, on April 10. If you attend, you do not need to speak, but your support in filling the seats is needed. 
Sallie Callahan, President of the SFEC, reports that her organization has met with Township Engineer Paul Dietrich about their concerns regarding the new boat ramp on Bayview but as yet have not received any additional information. Please follow the SIA on facebook for current updates and feel free to contact Township officials by phone or email. That information is readily available on the Township website:

CMC Bridge Commission Proposes Toll Hike on Five County Bridges, (including ours)!
A proposed toll hike of $1.00 will bring the cost of driving over the Corson's Inlet Bridge (and four other county bridges) this summer to $2.50 and in the off season,  drop to a fifty cent increase making it $2.00 per ride. For those who use ticket books, the current discount price of $1.20 means the increase is actually $1.30 once you begin using E-ZPass. (Tickets will be honored until the books are sold out.) The Bridge Commission voted earlier to bring E-ZPass to the bridges to help with traffic flow and to attract drivers to the bridges. Bridge attendants will remain on duty, yet some part-time and seasonal workers may be cut. Here's a recent story from the Cape May County Herald:

The Bridge Commission meets on Thursday, April 27 at 2:30 pm at the Administration Building, 4 Moore Rd, Cape May Court House, to approve the plan. A public hearing is "tentatively scheduled" for 1:30 pm. During that time, you are invited to speak before the Commission. The SIA Board will represent members and plans to voice opposition to the hike which places an unfair burden on Strathmere and Whale Beach residents who must use the bridge daily for work or doctor's appointments, shopping or Parkway access. During high tide flooding, it is the only choice out of town. The increase places a burden on many of our residents on fixed income and puts the off season increase squarely on our backs. The Commission last raised rates in 2009. Additionally, a letter will be sent to the Commission and local newspapers and politicians by the SIA board.

Please share this news with any Cape May County resident or visitor, as it is a county-wide issue, not one that we are fighting on our own. If you cannot attend the meeting, you may want to email your thoughts to the Bridge Commission: Karen Coughlin, Executive Director; and/or Will Morey, Freeholder Liaison;  Also, the public time slot is still tentative as of today, so please follow us on facebook for updates or check the Bridge Commission website,

      Special Delivery!     Library of Congress Curator of Maps Finally Receives his Strathmere Hoodie!

Ed Redmond, Curator of Maps, Library of Congress, visited by Linda Bateman, SIA President

Ed Redmond grew up summering in Sea Isle and Whale Beach, where his mother still owns a home. Today he lives in Virginia and works as Curator, Vault Collections, Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division, in the James Madison Building, across the street from the Library of Congress and the US Capitol Building. Ed ordered a hoodie during our summer fundraiser but was unable to make it to the Jersey shore this summer so it only seemed right to make a personal delivery. Ed has an amazing job and generously gave a private tour through maps of Cape May County (including Strathmere), an early map drawn by George Washington of his farm, a Gettysburg map signed by General George Meade asserting its accuracy, and a few other treasures such as a map of troop deployments for the first and second waves of  D-Day, one of only two maps in the world of Vietnam done in Latin, French and Vietnamese, and brought out an ingenious deck of cards distributed by the USO to troops in France during WWII. Once the cards were soaked in water, maps emerged and were assembled for soldiers to find their way through unknown French territory. There is a beautiful assortment of globes, including one of that is a map of the ocean floor. Incredible treasures with fascinating stories of origin and acquisition.

Ed, a graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in History Education, taught Social Studies for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Wilmington before earning a full time appointment at West Chester University where he earned a graduate degree in Early American History. Following graduation, Ed joined the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division in 1989 and, over the last 27 years, his research and publications have specialized in the cartographic career of George Washington (1732-1799).
Today, he is the internationally recognized expert on George Washington's cartographic career. An essay Ed authored on the topic may be found via

As Ed said, "Not bad for a kid whose family spent summers in Sea Isle City before moving to Whale Beach." Finally, Ed said that if anyone is planning on visiting Washington, DC, he is more than willing to share the collections of the Library of Congress.  He can be reached directly via

An exhibit Ed helped create
for display in the Library of Congress Building.
Majestic Ceiling of the Library of Congress.

Easter Sunrise Mass Once Again Comes to Srathmere Beach

The Church of the Resurrection, Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish, will celebrate Easter sunrise mass on the Williams Avenue beach @6 am Easter morning. As the date nears, please consult their website for up-to-date information on the actual time for mass to begin and to be sure the Plovers' nests haven't changed the location. Last year Mass was celebrated at the Point with the dredgers idling behind the celebrant. Bring a beach chair! All are welcome.  www.

Strathmere Improvement Association
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Schiavo Library: March 2017 Newsletter

Schiavo Library: March 2017 Newsletter

New Movies Based on Books:
If you like to read the book before you see the movie, get reading. These movies are coming out in March and April. For more movies based on books, check out this website (20 Books to read before they become movies):

More Art at the Library:
This summer we will be displaying more art work by local artists. Stop in often and see what’s on the walls. Maybe you’ll find that perfect painting.

First Day of Spring: March 20:
Hang in there – spring is just around the corner!

 Christine Rohrman, Library Director

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Boat Ramp job opening; Fire Commission Election; Holiday Trash & Recycling

Happy Valentine's Day from the Strathmere Improvement Association!  Feb. 12, 2017

 News:  Boat Ramp Attendants being hired; 
Fire Commission Elections;
and President's weekend trash schedule 

Boat Ramp Nearing Completion
Strathmere First!
Are you interested in becoming Strathmere’s First Boat Ramp Attendant?
At a recent Township meeting, Karen Mitchell inquired about who would work at the new boat ramp this season. She then followed up with Township Clerk Barbara Young, and Township CFO Barbara  Spiegel to advocate for Strathmerians to be hired. A blank application is on the SIA website (link below) or you can contact the Twp. Clerk and or CFO offices for an application.
Three new positions will be created to man the Strathmere Boat Ramp from May 26, 2017 through Sept. 4, 2017, with a salary of $12.50 per hour.  These will be part time positions with existing Beasley Point collectors having first dibs at the Strathmere positions. However, at least one new position will be available and possibly up to three. Karen argued that someone from Strathmere should be hired. For more of Karen's message and to find an application form, click on the link to the SIA page:


Cast your vote upstairs in the firehouse from 2 -8pm.

Trash and Recycling Pickup for President's Weekend will be on Tuesday, February 21,  according to the Public Works website.

   Please remember that recycling must be loose inside the container, not bagged. Thanks!

Be sure to follow us on facebook for updates and photos.


Strathmere Improvement Association
PO Box 57
Strathmere New Jersey 08248

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Schiavo Library February 2017 Newsletter

Schiavo Library February 2017 Newsletter

February Schedule - 
Just a reminder - the library will be closed for the first two weeks of February again this year. This will provide needed maintenance time. We’ll be reopening on February 14th with our regular schedule. I will be in Florida, so Melissa Warren, my assistant, will be covering the library. Her hours will be 9-3:00pm Tuesday - Friday and 10-4:00pm Saturday. I’ll be back at the beginning of March.

Take Your Child to the Library Day – Feb. 4 -
There’s an official day for everything – so, don’t miss a chance to take a child to the library on February 4th or any day of the year. Libraries are very special places. Or if you’re looking for a great February book for your child or grandchild, check out the website: They have comprehensive lists for every occasion. For Valentine’s Day I recommend Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli and The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond. We have them right here in the library.

Love Your Pet Day – Feb. 20
If you would like to read a novel or memoir about pets, stop in to the library and try one of these:

Library Quote 
“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. “ Andrew Carnegie

February: Library Lovers’ Month 
Last, but not least: February is Library Lovers’ Month. So, if you love your local library, show it! Write notes of gratitude to your local librarian or maybe even better - write your local politicians and tell them how important our libraries are to everyone! Or donate books, money or even your own time to your local library. I’m sure that they will appreciate it.

Christine Rohrman, Library Director

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coastal Storm, Save on Homeowners' Insurance, New Zoning Bd Member, Tom Leonard Returns!

Strathmere Improvement Association            January 22, 2017

Coastal Storm approaches; Savings on Homeowners' Insurance; Karen Mitchell appointed to Zoning Board and Tom Leonard returns to town!

Residents are reminded to move cars to higher ground. High tides @4:30 am and 5 pm Monday. A high wind warning has been issued. While the storm will bring high winds and heavy rain, fortunately we're a week away from the new moon. There may still be some flooding-please don't drive through standing water!

Check National Weather Service or Dan Skeldon for storm updates.
From Dan Skeldon, Atlantic City Press: "Winds may end up being the most notable part of this storm. As usual, the shore will bear the brunt of the strongest winds, with gusts from 50-60mph possible.
The strongest winds are expected to develop late Sunday night and linger through early Monday afternoon."
And the rain..."There is the chance for some 2-3" amounts where locally heavier rain can persist, most likely across portions of the shore."

New Fire Rating May Equal Savings for Homeowners
   Thanks to the SVFC and the Strathmere Fire Commission, our ISO/PPC (Public Protection Classification) has been changed from a 6 to a 4. Only 25% of fire companies achieve this fire suppression rating.     As of April 1, you may be eligible for reduced insurance rates.


Strathmere's Karen Mitchell Joins UT Zoning Board
Karen Mitchell was recently sworn in as an UT  Zoning Board member. Karen is a licensed tax assessor, having worked with several municipalities, and brings her background in real estate sales and appraisal to the Committee. Congratulations, Karen, and thanks for your service to our village.  
Look Who's Back in Town!
Tom Leonard's on the Mend.                      Tom Leonard is back on his feet after knee replacement surgery and rehab -nearly 60 days off the island. Tom was overwhelmed by the cards, visits and well wishes and wants to thank folks for reaching out. He said everyone thought he was a movie star because he received so much attention.

Strathmere Improvement Association
PO Box 57
Strathmere New Jersey 08248

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Schiavo Library: January 2017 Newsletter

Facebook Presence
Melissa has recently created a new page for the library on Facebook. It’s full of photos of library activities and events. I’m sure that you will enjoy browsing through it. So, look us up: and don’t forget to LIKE US.

National Hot Tea Month
January is the perfect choice for National Hot Tea Month. So, we’re celebrating with a little contest: Coffee versus Tea. What’s your preference? Come in and tell us what you like and you’ll have a chance to win a prize.

Food Collection Box
We are still collecting food for the local food banks. Please take a moment to go through your pantry and see what you can contribute. Thanks!

January 19th – Popcorn Day
Another fun fact: January 19th is Popcorn Day. We’ll be popping up some fresh popcorn that day – stop in and warm up.

Game Day
Like board games or card games? Let us know and we will set up a day of the week for games in the library. You don’t want to play alone – so, talk your friends into participating, too. Bring along a favorite game – Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Rummy, Poker, etc. We’ll provide a cozy and warm place this winter.

Christine Rohrman, Library Director