Sunday, January 22, 2006

Strathmere Town meeting

Strathmere Property Owners - What a great turn out! A town meeting was held 1/21/06 in Strathmere to discuss the recent property revaluation. They ran out of chairs and it was standing room only in the back. The doors to the firehouse had to be opened to make more room, and many people were standing outside in the driveway to hear the discussion.
The formation of the Strathmere Tax Payers Association was announced and a lawyer was invited to speak. They discussed the need for all Strathmere property owners to individually appeal their new assessments. Also discussed was the possible legal action to be taken by the Strathmere Tax Payers Association against Tyler Technologies and Upper Township to invalidate the revaluation. They also touched briefly on the subject of secession from Upper Township. Then they took many questions from the residents.

If you are a property owner in Strathmere, please call to schedule an informal review. It is very important that as many property owners as possible protest their revaluations. This will not only help with your own claim, but it will help to build a better case to have the revaluation thrown out.

There is still time to make an appointment, we were told that there was another week left for reviews. The number to call is - 866-566-7800 . The reviews are held at the Upper Township building.

What you need for your review - just call Bruce or Gwen at Riordan Realty to get the records of recent property sales in Strathmere that are comparable to yours, and bring copies of that info to your review. In your meeting, point out anything about your house that may affect the value. For example, no central air, no garage or off street parking, no washer/dryer. Be sure to mention if your house is an older one that maybe hasn't been updated in awhile. Those may seem like small things, but these are things that the revaluation company hasn't taken into consideration when valuing our properties.

Here is a story from the Press of Atlantic City about the town meeting -
Residents protest revals in Upper

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