Saturday, May 13, 2006

Strathmere, May 13th

This house on Seaview is literally in the middle of being torn down. It looks like they just stopped the plow in the middle of the tear down and finished for the day. Below is another photo with the plow parked in the middle of the house.

The empty lot where the Spanish house use to stand

All that's left of it are two piles of terra cotta roof tiles.

The beach at Seaview

Another shot of the beach at Seaview.

The beach at Winthrop

A south view of the beach from Winthrop

A north view of the beach from Winthrop


Anonymous said...

so sad to see the old homes go...
I wonder what will happen to the flat roofed home in the pictures that my grandfather designed?
Two have already been knocked down on tecumseh. It wouldn't be so painful if the large homes were more than big boxes with some columns for detail and the owners/builders respected the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I believe the flat roofed house is being torn down too.