Monday, October 08, 2007

Still great weather in Strathmere

The weather has been beautiful in Strathmere. 80-some degrees and the water is still nice. There were quite a few people out on the beach enjoying the great weather.

The Pets of Strathmere -
Boris is a nearly 7 year old English Bulldog who has been enjoying Strathmere his whole life. He likes walking around town, sniffing trees and bushes, marking territory, going for walks on the beach and taking quick little swims while biting the little waves. Boris went for a quick swim this morning in the water between the beach and the sand bar during low tide, at Winthrop. Please enjoy this super-short video of his swim -

And here are a few still photos - slurping, testing the air with his tongue (look at that beautiful sky in the background) a view of his stern with his tail out of water, and paddling with eyes opened and with eyes squinted shut.

The Pets of Strathmere -
Do you have a pet that loves Strathmere? Send in photos of your dog or cat (or rabbit or bird, reptile etc.) enjoying Strathmere to along with a short bio including what they enjoy most about Strathmere, and we'll post it here.

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