Sunday, March 23, 2008

Photos - Beach replenishment & contruction

Here are some great photos sent to us by Tom Rodgers & Family, who took these photos in Strathmere last week. Click the images for larger views

Seaview, where the trucks were entering the beach to dump the sand -

On the fresh sand at the end of Seaview, looking north -

In the street on Seaview, looking out at the point from between the last two houses -

A view from the point of the houses beachfront on Seaview -

More sand dumped on the beach between Seaview and Seacliff -

On the dune at Seacliff, looking north -

Looking south down the beach -

On the bay side of the point, looking south towards our bridge-

Some current construction in Strathmere -

On Commonwealth & Webster -

On the beach near Sherman -

Nice to see this house on the Point getting a make-over -

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Jen A. Miller said...

Very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing!