Saturday, May 17, 2008

Strathmere Volume Two - now available!

"Strathmere, Volume Two" - is this year's fundraiser for the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company. "Volume Two" features more pages and more photos than last year, at a lower price.

The large, spiral bound version is $40 (five bucks less than last year)
The smaller version is still $20.
Available through any member of the fire company and at the Riordan Real Estate office.

You can also order by mail when you send a check (please include $5.00 for shipping) to:
Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company,
5 S. Commonwealth Avenue
Strathmere NJ 08248

This is a limited edition, so grab your copy now.

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Steve said...

enjoying this page tonight! My mom, Louise Prause Houwen is in several of the pictures along with my Aunt Joan Strobel. I remember going to Aunt Joan's house as a kid and learning to love the oceans there. I now live in Colorado and teach Marine Biology here. Last fall I was selected as one of 2 teachers across the US to participate in NOAA's "Teacher Under the Sea" program ( And it all started in Strathmere!