Monday, March 09, 2009

Here are some photos that I took on 3/7/09.

This is the beach at Winthrop looking south, during low tide. The beach here has gotten alot bigger over the Winter.

This is from Winthrop looking north/west. The beach in front of SEaview and Seacliff is filling in nicely. There is still a pretty deep gully in front of the rocks though.

Beach at Seacliff/Seaview

The water in the gully is several feet deep.

This is on the ocean side look west, across the point. Again at low tide. You can see that some sand is building up out there now. A few months ago this was all water, even at low tide. You can't walk around there from the ocean side though, because you can't get around or over the pilings. The pilings are about 4 feet tall, plus there is water gathered up against them.

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