Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Strathmere Lifeguard Alumni Picnic August 15h

Strathmere Lifeguard Alumni Day

The Old Guard of Strathmere are invited to Alumni Day on Sunday, August 15th starting with a Volleyball and Shell Toss Tournament on the beach at noon, and a dinner at the Deauville Inn Beach House at 6:00 PM.
All Strathmere lifeguards of the past, their families, friends, friends of friends and all supporting Strathmere residents are invited to come out and share any stories and photos of lifeguarding back-in-the-day in Strathmere.
Tournament Tickets are $10 per person and the dinner $20, and can be purchased day of event.
An RSVP would be helpful.
Proceeds benefit the Matthew Bonsall Benefit Fund.
For more information contact Beach Patrol Headquarters at 609-263-1151; fax 609-263-8572.

Jack O'Hara

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