Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yard Debris and Brush – Collection Regulations for Strathmere & Upper Township

Yard Debris and Brush – Collection Regulations

Grass clippings, leaves, brush and other yard debris will be collected if put out as prescribed below. These must be placed at the curb early Monday morning - the same time as the trash. They will not be picked up then, but the driver will call in the location and they will be picked up by Tuesday.

Note that no debris from tree removal or lot clearing will be collected.

Grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris must be placed in paper compost bags or reusable containers. The reusable compost containers must comply with the same requirements as the trash and recycling containers, and must have removable lids, external handles, a minimum capacity of 20 gallons and a maximum capacity of 45 gallons, and not weigh over 50 pounds when full. The paper compost bags (these are available at Home Depot, etc) must only be filled to a capacity that will allow a single collection crewmember to lift and load the bags without spillage.


Brush, resulting from residential tree trimming and pruning, must be placed at the curb in a neat pile with the larger ends facing the street in order to be collected. Brush must also be placed at the curb early Mondays as above, and shall be placed 10’ from the curb or edge of pavement. It will not be collected during November and December.

Loose leaves will be collected from April 1 to April 29 and November 15 to December 31. Leaves must be placed at the shoulder of your street or road in long rows, not large piles, for collection.


You must keep the leaf piles a minimum of 10 feet from any storm drain inlet. The Township will only collect rows of loose leaves that are free of sticks and other debris. If your piles contain sticks and other debris they will not be collected until the debris is removed.

Tree Trimming Program Requirements.

Township of Upper’s ordinance #11-1983 requires Township Residents to maintain any plant life within ten feet of any street or roadway and within twenty-five feet of the intersection of any two streets or roadways. Any plant life [trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges etc.] bordering any streets, roadways or sidewalks must be trimmed to allow safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Intersections must be trimmed to allow clear sight of all traffic signs [stop signs] and approaching vehicles. A Township Official will notify anyone in violation of the ordinance and they will be given ten days to correct the problem. If the violation is not corrected the Township will authorize the work to be completed and the property owner will be billed accordingly.

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