Saturday, June 09, 2012

SIA Strathmere Centennial Tee Shirts are now available

For more information contact -

tee shirts may be purchased at 212 Bayview Drive. Call 263-6846 first in case we're out

The back of the shirt features a postcard circa 1912 of Winthrop Road in Strathmere.
The small building in the front-left was the train station. The train came over the bay where the bridge is now and stopped at that station.

The two big buildings were the West Jersey Cottages which were owned and run by the Wittkamp Family,  Gus Wittkamp was also the station manager for the train. The other 3 buildings were private homes.

The main building for the West Jersey Cottage (with the flag) was moved up the road around 1945 and it is now La Fontana. The 4 other homes still stand on Winthrop today.

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