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SIA Newsletter 1 10 2013 - Program Sat. at OC Library; Dunes Building; Well Drilling; No Word from USPS; SURF

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Happy 2013 , Everyone!

We'd like to welcome Rosemarie Whelan as our new Recording Secretary, and thank Dorothy "Diddy" Addario for her hard work and many contributions these past two years.

Thanks Diddy!


Are you sad, angry or frustrated (or all three) regarding the difficulties in getting help from Insurance or FEMA officials regarding damages from SuperStorm Sandy?

Project "New Jersey Hope and Healing" is about managing the emotional consequences of storms and flooding; understanding the impact and exploring strategies for coping with weather emergencies' stressful aftermath.

This Saturday morning, at 11:00 am in the Room N 110 Lecture Hall of the Ocean City Public Library Building, 1735 Simpson Avenue, there will be an interactive presentation of Coping & Recovery - Hope & Support regarding the aftermath of Sandy. You may find it very helpful.

Also, some flyers from this State of New Jersey sponsored project have been placed in the Post Office.


We've been surprised to see that "meadowgrass" has washed around from the bay after recent high tides and built up on our beaches and caused small dunes to form.
Hopefully these "natural" dunes will continue to build...


For those few of us in town at this time of year, you've probably seen (or heard) the activity around the water tower. A contractor for the New Jersey American Water Company, Unitech Well Drilling, is drilling a new well down to the "Atlantic City 800-foot" sand aquifer to replace the current well. This phase of the project involves drilling, testing and development for a new well, and is expected to complete in late February or early March. After successful completion of Phase One, Phase Two will involve connecting the new well to the distribution (pipeline) system. The new well should be in service by May, 2014. No disruption in water service is anticipated.

You may recall that on October 24 the US Postal Service held a meeting to discuss the future of mail service in Strathmere, specifically to reduce the window times to four hours daily. Some 23 folks from Strathmere attended, and after discussion most people preferred to have their mail available in the morning, with a consensus requesting window hours of 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The office would close at 1:00 pm, but we asked that a "time lock" on the outer door provide access to the boxes until 6:00 pm.

We have sent several e-mail messages to the USPS representatives regarding the status of these changes, but to date they have not provided any information.


We still have Strathmere folks in need, so the Strathmere United Relief Fund would very much appreciate your (additional) donations.

Please make checks payable to Strathmere United Methodist Church, Box 49, Strathmere, 08248. Write SURF in the memo line. Thanks for caring!

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Upcoming Events - mark your calendars:
SFEC Meeting Saturday, January 12, 4:00 pm
Fire Commission Elections Saturday, February 16, 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm
SFEC Winter Social at the Deauville Inn, Saturday, February 23, 6:00 pm
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The Strathmere Improvement Association includes all owners in Strathmere and Whale Beach and many visitors. It was founded over 60 years ago as a community organization with the simple objective of making Strathmere a better place. We are proud of the organization's many accomplishments over the years.
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Linda Bateman   
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Donna Diefenderfer       
Rosemarie Whelan                
Ken Weaver


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