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SIA Newsletter 2 14 2013 - Sandy, etc; Elections Saturday; SURF (Please); NO TRASH MONDAY; Write Re: USPS

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

We have a number of items related to Sandy and the continuing saga of flood insurance rate increases..

The front page of the Press on February 13 had this story about the National Hurricane Center's Final Report on Sandy...
And in the same issue was a reprint of this editorial from the Washington Post...

Strathmere resident Lynn Fayter attended the Upper Township Committee Meeting in January and reports that she asked the Township to:

1. Hire a coastal engineer to investigate appealing the new zones.
2. Include all 700 homes in flood zones on the grant letter of intent for elevation money (there are 700 homes in Strathmere and on the mainland in flood zones). She says she felt it was unfair to only include people that called to request inclusion as Upper had failed to properly inform people of the potential for grant money. FEMA stated if a home was not included they would not receive money.

She then attended the February 11 Meeting and further reports that:

1. Upper budgeted money for a coastal engineer and may partner with Ocean City and/or the county to appeal the zones.
2. 500 homes were included in the letter of intent.

In this regard, Township Engineer Paul Dietrich reports that there is still information developing regarding the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and that the Township has not yet made any decisions.

Both Paul and Lynn have asked us to publicize that the deadline of March 1 for applying for an SBA loan to repair damage from Sandy is fast approaching.


Lynn says, "It's a very easy process and the SBA people are great. They are also based at the Ocean City Library for walk-ins. Non-primary (residence) people that rent qualify as a small business. The rates are low and better than home equity as they may not have to purchase flood insurance like they would for home equity (loans). Not positive but certainly something for them to pursue. The loan can sit there until they're ready for it, might be a good bridge for people that would need to wait for the ICC money which is not given until the house is raised." She also suggests that you use the term "mitigation against future damages" rather than "rebuilding" on your application...


There was an article from the Upper Township Sentinel reporting on that February 11 Meeting and saying that Strathmere may get jitney service this summer...


This Saturday, February 16, from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm, elections will be held for the Strathmere Board of Fire Commissioners (Upper Township District #1).

There are three openings on the Board, and three candidates are running: Karen Mitchell and Ken Weaver for three-year terms and Randy Roash for a one-year term.

Also being voted on is the 2013 Fire Commission Budget of $75,975 to be raised from property taxes. Details here -

You may recall that in our January 20 newsletter, we reported that New Jersey passed a law mandating that all NJ Fire Commissions have a website up and available to the public by February 1, 2013. The law specified certain information that had to be included in the website. Upper Township agreed to host, at no charge, websites for the four Fire Districts in the Township, including posting information provided to them by the Commissions.
The Strathmere Fire Commission website beat the deadline and you can access it here -

 Besides that link, you can find it on the left side of the Township homepage (second button from the top left).
Please take time to come out Saturday and vote - right after you dry off from SIC's Polar Bear Plunge -


SURF - For more than 90 days, homeowners waited for a check from their insurance company; some still wait. Their bills, however, do not. For many, the only funds received were from those raised by the Strathmere United Relief Fund (SURF). If you have already donated to the fund, we thank you. We still have folks in need and anticipate a renewed need in the spring when homes are reopened for the season. Please consider making a donation or another donation. Mail a check payable to the Strathmere United Methodist Church; please write SURF in the memo line and mail to PO Box 49, Strathmere, 08248.

As one recipient said: "The only bright spot in this whole disaster has been SURF. Knowing someone cared and was willing to help, went a long way toward my recovery."


This Monday is Presidents' Day, and as a Township Holiday there will be no trash or recycling collected. Trash will be collected Tuesday, but recycling must be held until February 25.


In our January 28 newsletter, we asked that you write concerning window hours at the Strathmere Post Office We hope you have. If not, please take a few minutes to do so. Again, your letter could be the one that causes the USPS to reconsider its decision and provide us with the morning window hours the community requested. Thanks!


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Upcoming Events - mark your calendars:
Fire Commission Elections Saturday, February 16, 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm
SFEC Winter Social at the Deauville Inn, Saturday, February 23, 6:00 pm
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