Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SIA Newsletter 3 11 2013 - Alert Letter From the SVFC

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Please take time to read the attached letter from the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company. After several dangerous incidents this past week, it's a good time to remind folks that, in the aftermath of Sandy, a thorough check-up on wires, appliances and HVAC systems is a worthy idea.


Thanks for supporting the Strathmere Improvement Association!

Linda Bateman   
Elaine Holsomback      
Donna Diefenderfer       
Rosemarie Whelan                
Ken Weaver

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Dawn Gagliano said...

We wish to thank Mr Sheridan for his 911 call and Morgan Delaney for his early arrival at the fire Saturday at 2712 S Bayview Ave (referred to as Taylor Ave) Our neighbor! Without that fast notification our house would have easily been a part of the fire. We're only four foot away. We also acknowledge and thank ALL the fire men and women that arrived quickly to protect us and for wading through the Tidal water. We thank everyone. Ralph & Teresa