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SIA Newsletter 11 26 2013 - Nor'easter Coming; Dune Grass & Fencing; Food Drive; New Trash Containers; Beach Replenishment; Help Clean Our Beaches; Delay Unlikely in Flood Insurance Premium Increases

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Things are a bit slow in Strathmere these days, although we expect a nor’easter tonight with sustained winds near 30 mph and gusts in the high 40’s. Not much flooding expected, but the usual suspect (Bayview Drive) will probably have some...
The Township has placed new snow fencing and planted dune grass along much of our beaches.  Lots of fencing

Looks great!
At their December 7 Meeting, the Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club will have a Food Drive for the many people suffering in the continuing poor economy.
The food is being collected for and will be distributed by the non-denominational Community Food Pantry at the Church of the Resurrection in Marmora.
Please bring non-perishable food, toiletries, napkins, paper towels or plates to the Firehouse on the afternoon of December 7, or prior to then to the home of Randy Roash at 124 Prescott Road.
Suggestions on food items may be found here.   
Checks should be made out to COTR - Food Pantry.
When Paul Dietrich spoke at our September 28 Town Meeting, he explained the new trash and recycling collection process coming in 2014.
Attached is information explaining the new process, the containers, and a form if you want something “non-standard”.
Please direct your questions to Paul at 609-628-2011, Extension 244.
The next Bulk Waste Pickup is December 2.
Information regarding the Township Public Works Department may be found here.
At the Town Meeting, Paul also discussed our next beach replenishment. He said then that it would probably be in the 4Q of 2014. The Army Corps has released a schedule that would move that up to 2Q 2014, but there is a likelihood that the replenishment would interfere with our nesting birds at the north end, so at least a portion of the replenishment could move off until later in the year.
The Township took away all of the trash and recycling containers at “public” locations for the off-season. The SFEC asked them to return one of each at every street end so that fishermen and others could dispose of things as they come off the beach. The Township has done this.
Our thanks to both the SFEC and the Township. If you are walking our beaches, please pick up and carry to the street end any trash or recycling items you find. Thanks!
A number of members of Congress have sought delays in the implementation of flood insurance premium increases under the 2012 legislation.
As pointed out in this AP article, delay looks increasingly unlikely.

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Upcoming Events - please add to your calendars:
Bulk Trash Pickup Monday Morning, December 2
SFEC Last Cast Tournament, Friday to Saturday, November 29-30
SFEC Meeting (Election of Officers and Christmas Party), 4:00 pm, Saturday, December 7
Community Christmas Party at the Deauville Inn, 6:00 pm Saturday, December 14 (tickets only, please)

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