Friday, October 10, 2014

Schiavo Library: October 2014 Newsletter

Schiavo Library: October 2014 Newsletter 

Used Book Sale
Our sixth annual “End of Summer” book sale was a record breaker! We made a profit of $689.45 and had 423 people attend our book sale in 19 days. WOW! Profits from our two yearly book sales are used to purchase new books throughout the year. Thanks for your donations – we couldn’t do it without you!

October is Mystery Month at the Library
For the month of October we are having a special drawing for a “mystery prize.” Check out a book (it doesn’t have to be a mystery) and enter to win. Good luck

Why the Public Library is Better than Amazon
Recently, Wall Street Journal’s personal technology writer, Geoffrey Fowler, compared Amazon’s $10 per month “Kindle Unlimited” service and the free e-book lending by his local library. The result: Amazon often didn’t have the newest, big-name books that the library offered. Hurrah for libraries!

Book and DVD Circulation
Our books and DVDs are “flying off the shelves.” Well, maybe that’s a little exaggeration, but our circulation was up this summer and in September. The DVDs continue to be very popular, but we’ve got some avid readers here. And we certainly can’t use the excuse of bad weather for the increased book reading; it was a lovely summer. So, keep reading and we’re glad you’re enjoying our DVDs too.

Christine Rohrman, Library Director

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