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Strathmere Improvement Association Nor'easter update, Coming Events and Local News 10/5/2015

Strathmere Improvement Association
Nor'easter update, Coming Events and Local News 10/5/2015
The Sun Returns! See Storm pix:

After several days with extreme winds and high tides, Monday ushered in a blustery, clear day. Bayview was besieged by floods at high tide throughout the storm, making it impassable, but the beaches withstood the pounding. Township Engineer Paul Dietrich said, "We lost an average of 120' of berm width along most of the beach and a little more between Winthrop to extension of Neptune Dr. with a volume loss around 300,000cy. There was no damage to the dunes, dune fence or cross-overs. The Township will be cleaning out the cross- overs in the Spring." He continued, "Considering the severity of the wind and tides and for how long it affected us, I think we did pretty well.There was no scarping of the beach, so the beach absorbed the energy very effectively.  Actually, at Williams Ave there was almost no loss of beach, that was the pivot point for the storm. North of Williams was affected by the Inlet and South of Williams was affected purely by the wind & tides." Will be interesting to see what sand comes back after the winds die down, he also noted.

Star Party this Weekend, plus Strathmere Day at Philly Pops' Christmas Spectacular!

Time table for Star Party-
Saturday, October 10 AND    Sunday, October 11! (Randolph Ave)

Sat: 6:45 pm Telescope viewing of Saturn, 
Constellation Program 7:30pm         

Sun: 6 am (predawn) Telescope viewing of four planets                            


Car Pools forming for Philly Pops
For more info: Check website, email sia1912@comcast.net, or call 609 970-0157. Ticket deadline = October 18.

Curt McDaniel, long time Strathmere resident, passes.
 Curt was a year round resident since 1978, a world traveler in his career, who chose Strathmere as his anchor. Curt leaves behind two children and three grandchildren.
 Perhaps you didn't know Curt, but certainly he's waved hello to you from his post on his front porch, the first house on Bayview as you turn the corner at the Deauville.
 Funeral details are pending, with a newspaper notice soon. Check the SIA facebook page in the next few days. Our deepest condolences to Curt's family.

Would you like to see the playground come back to life?

Reminder: If you haven't completed the playground survey yet, please visit the link below:

Newly elected CSWB President Karen Mitchell, and Carol Ferguson head the committee to rebuild the playground.

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