Monday, January 25, 2016

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Monday, January 25, 2016
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More Winter Storm Jonas pictures can be found on our website:

Click on the two top left tabs: "Aftermath" and "Jonas" for pix from Saturday and Sunday on the SIA website.
Several homes in town had water inside and we've had reports that a Whale Beach home had nearly a foot in its ground floor; if you have not checked on your home and are in an area that tends to flood, please try to have someone look in. Leaving it untended allows the mold to continue to grow and do more damage. There is debris throughout the streets and many lost or shifted/tilted items are in the streets. Judging by reports from Sea Isle through Cape May, we were spared from the extreme devastation that occurred in Stone Harbor and the Wildwoods, for instance.  If you'd like to share any pictures or damage reports, please email:

Mark your calendars for Fire Commissioner Elections: February 20, Firehouse


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