Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coastal Storm, Save on Homeowners' Insurance, New Zoning Bd Member, Tom Leonard Returns!

Strathmere Improvement Association            January 22, 2017

Coastal Storm approaches; Savings on Homeowners' Insurance; Karen Mitchell appointed to Zoning Board and Tom Leonard returns to town!

Residents are reminded to move cars to higher ground. High tides @4:30 am and 5 pm Monday. A high wind warning has been issued. While the storm will bring high winds and heavy rain, fortunately we're a week away from the new moon. There may still be some flooding-please don't drive through standing water!

Check National Weather Service or Dan Skeldon for storm updates.
From Dan Skeldon, Atlantic City Press: "Winds may end up being the most notable part of this storm. As usual, the shore will bear the brunt of the strongest winds, with gusts from 50-60mph possible.
The strongest winds are expected to develop late Sunday night and linger through early Monday afternoon."
And the rain..."There is the chance for some 2-3" amounts where locally heavier rain can persist, most likely across portions of the shore."

New Fire Rating May Equal Savings for Homeowners
   Thanks to the SVFC and the Strathmere Fire Commission, our ISO/PPC (Public Protection Classification) has been changed from a 6 to a 4. Only 25% of fire companies achieve this fire suppression rating.     As of April 1, you may be eligible for reduced insurance rates.


Strathmere's Karen Mitchell Joins UT Zoning Board
Karen Mitchell was recently sworn in as an UT  Zoning Board member. Karen is a licensed tax assessor, having worked with several municipalities, and brings her background in real estate sales and appraisal to the Committee. Congratulations, Karen, and thanks for your service to our village.  
Look Who's Back in Town!
Tom Leonard's on the Mend.                      Tom Leonard is back on his feet after knee replacement surgery and rehab -nearly 60 days off the island. Tom was overwhelmed by the cards, visits and well wishes and wants to thank folks for reaching out. He said everyone thought he was a movie star because he received so much attention.

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