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Strathmere Improvement Association August

August 3, 2018

Planning Board News; Open Mic Reminder; Kids Surf Fishing Tourney; Star Party; August SIA Meeting

Planning Board Meeting, Wed. August 8, 5 pm; Township Hall.

 The Planning Board is meeting Wednesday to discuss and adopt the “Master Plan Reexamination, Housing Plan element and the Fair Share Plan.” The Board will focus on affordable housing in Upper Township in order to meet the state deadline and to afford a penalty. You can view the agenda here:
    During a phone call with Planning Board Chair Jim Kelly and SIA President Linda Bateman, Mr. Kelly said that the public is always welcome but that Strathmere will not be discussed as part of the agenda. It is important to note that the Township had budgeted for a mini-update to Strathmere's Master Plan for this year and despite several organizations and individuals repeatedly urging for the planning to begin and to include Strathmere residents in the process, this has not happened as of yet. Ted Kingston and Gary Riordan are Planning Board members and Mr. Kelly recognizes many of our concerns as related by Ted and Gary, and has reached out again to the Township to "get the ball rolling" on Strathmere's Master Plan update.
   Attending Wednesday's meeting, however, would be a show of force and would allow you to speak if you choose during the public comment session before the vote is called.  Our message is that we need a comprehensive master plan for Strathmere and Whale Beach, and we want to be part of the process.

Strathmere Stories Continue to Grow! Open Mic Night, Thursday, August 9, 6-8 pm, Schiavo Library
   Here's a fun way to share your memories or to tell a story about your life in Strathmere. It can be a quick three minute tale or a longer, wider ranging recollection. Bring along your family members to chat about the time you...We all have a story. We want yours! There will be two cameras to avoid a long wait time and you're invited to come hear what others are saying. Check out some of the Strathmere Stories on our You Tube Channel:
   Here are one or two examples you might enjoy: Marilyn Roland in a two minute clip about Corson Toads:; Here's a longer interview with Bill Cowan, a former SIA president and a long time year round resident:
   You can request a specific time or just show up. More info: email or call 609 970-0157.

Note Earlier Date this Year for  Annual SFEC Kids Surf Fishing Tournament, Prescott, August 11, 8 am Registration
   Always a great day for kids and their parents. This year the SIA will be on hand with a special gift designed to create awareness of an easy way to reduce the use of plastic straws. (shhh-it's a surprise!) Check SFEC website for more details.

 Star Party Returns, August 17, 8:30 pm, Randolph.
   As you may have already heard, Derrick Pitts is returning to Randolph Beach just as Venus sets prominently in the sky during the quarter moon. Venus will also be accompanied by Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. Sponsored by the Strathmere Improvement Association through member support of dues and fundraising activities. See SIA website for more details.

August Calendar (Printable version) and more news and event details available on SIA* Website:

Save the Date: SIA August Meeting Moves to Saturday morning, August 18, 10 am, Firehouse. Election of officers; Bergus-Laurence Honor Roll awards; updates on news and happenings and special guest Gary Riordan  on Twisties in a (Coco)Nutshell!   

Note: Still a few zip up hoodies and black mesh hats available Saturday 10 am-noon. 14 E Tecumseh.  Sizes limited: Adult Small, XLG, 2XL and 3XL. $30.00 each; hats $10.00. 

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