Monday, November 12, 2007

Beach Photos - Seaview & The Point

I took the first 3 photos below around the end of August 2007, out on the beach at Seaview looking north, and then looking back towards Strathmere from the point. Those cliffs are about 10 feet tall and that used to be all beach and dunes. When high tide comes in, the waves come right up to the grass and bushes on the ocean side of the point. The exposed pilings are about 3ft tall.

The next 3 photos were sent to us by a longtime Strathmere resident, after the waves and wind that came from Hurricane Noel gave the beach even more of a beating. This is also at the end of Seaview, and the dunes have been washed-out right up to the retaining wall that was put in when the new house was built there.

This story ran in The Press of Atlantic City on 11/9/07 - Strathmere coastline pounded by Noel; Upper looks for ways to counter erosion

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