Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Work continues on the water tower and help is on the way for the beach

It took 4 weeks to put up the scaffolding and then cover the water tower in tarps. Now the guys are hard at work doing something in there! It sounds like they are removing the old paint. They've had to stop several times to go tie down the tarps when they come loose - the wind is pretty strong up there sometimes. After the painting is done, they have to dismantle all that scaffolding again! It's really been very interesting and amazing to watch.

This week they started trucking in the sand that we are getting to rebuild the beach out on the Seaview area of the beach. We're supposed to get 550 trucks loads and there has been a steady trail of trucks coming through town.

Here are a few more beach photos from after the stormy winds of Noel last month. First is a photo sent in by Ozzie of the beach on Vincent, looking North.

Next are two photos from Tom Rodgers, of the erosion on the beach at Seaview

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