Friday, July 24, 2009

Beach replenishment photos from the Strathmere Improvement Association

Pix compliments of the Strathmere Improvement Association - click images for larger views -

If you have not been in Strathmere since they started pumping last Friday, you will be amazed at how much has happened. Here are a few pictures to give you a feel for it...

The first six pictures were taken Saturday, 7/18. This one shows pumping at the end of Sumner.

Here is the dredge in the background

The big "tripod" rolls back and forth from the beach into the surf and measures the depth of the sand...

The sand is caught in a big "cage" as it comes out of the pipe - to catch anything we don't want on the beach...

Here they are Saturday afternoon.

Here's the way we'll be getting to the beach for awhile - up and over the pipe!

By Sunday they were pumping between Williams and Winthrop, with the sandy water flowing toward Seacliff...

Here comes more sand!

Here's how it looked as the sand heads for the rocks...

And here it comes down toward the rocks... (Sunday, 7/19)

By Monday the sand was approaching the rocks!

On Tuesday, the beach had become huge opposite the rocks...

And by Wednesday, 7/22, the sand towered over the rocks!

Starting to look like the dune we used to climb over at the end of Seacliff! 4:20 pm (7/22)

We understand that the NJ DEP has received approval to extend the replenishment of the "Point" area out some 400 feet from the toe of the dune (actually the rocks along the steel bulkhead put in by the residents on Seacliff) This is great news!

Pix compliments of the Strathmere Improvement Association

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