Sunday, August 28, 2011

SIA Newsletter 8/28/11 - Irene Impact on Strathmere

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Pasted below are messages from Dick Omrod passing on information from Fire Chief Bruce Riordan and others who remained at the Firehouse through the storm.
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From: "Dick Omrod"
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 9:06:14 AM

Subject: Irene

Final Irene Report
Irene passed through in the early morning with minimum or no real damage. Some beach erosion and the electric remained on. We lucked out!

The Chief reported the roads to the island are open but the main arteries to the shore remain closed at this time. Be certain to fill up with gas as most of the stations near the shore are either closed or out of gas.


Sent last night...
From: "Dick Omrod"
Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2011 8:59:14 PM

Subject: Irene

Irene Update:
The latest report from the firehouse.
At 8:30 PM Strathmere & Whale Beach have experienced heavy rain, almost all of Commonwealth below the blinker is under water as is all of South Bayview. No evidence of wind damage at this time.
Irene is moving faster than earlier forecast and is expected to pass east of the town at about 2:00 AM Sunday. Most of the heavy weather should be pass us by noon on Sunday.

The Strathmere Improvement Association -

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Linda Bateman -Vice-President
Donna Diefenderfer - Treasurer
Dorothy Addario - Recording Secretary
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