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SIA Newsletter 9 20 2012 - Dune Fence Project Saturday Morning; SIA 9/14 Meeting; Schiavo Book Sale Continues; Dune Grass & Environmental Presentation 10/6

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

The Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club is conducting a "Dune Fencing Project" this Saturday morning. The objective is to build dune (snow) fencing at Webster, Vincent, Tecumseh and Sumner Roads in order to create paths that funnel foot traffic away from the dunes (and new dune grass) as people come and go from the beach.
Under the leadership of Dick Omrod, the SFEC has secured posts and fencing from Upper Township; now what's needed is the labor to install it.
While many SFEC members are committed to work the project, they are hoping this will be a true community effort and other folks from Strathmere will also turn out to help.
Volunteers should meet at 8:30 Saturday morning at Webster and the beach. Please bring gloves (at least), a hammer, a shovel, wire cutters and even a post hole digger if you have one. Please help!

This past Friday, the Strathmere Improvement Association held its final meeting of the year

Here SIA President Linda Bateman presents a donation of $1000 to Dave Townsend, representing the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company, to be used to pay the NJ State Police for extra summertime patrols in Strathmere.
Our speaker was Paul Dietrich, Upper Township Engineer, who updated us on projects for Strathmere

A nice crowd listened attentively to Paul's presentation.

One of the items discussed was the reduction in flood insurance rates obtained by an improved rating from FEMA (thanks Lynn Fayter, for all your efforts here).

Attached is the letter from FEMA. If anyone has renewed their flood insurance since 10/20/11 and did not receive a reduction, you may want to discuss this letter with your insurance agent.

We very much appreciate Paul's attendance.
The September meeting was Dorothy "Diddy" Addario's last meeting as our Recording Secretary.
We thank Diddy for the wonderful job she's done and welcome Rosemarie Whelan to the Board in 2013!
During Paul's presentation, Ted Kingston asked him about an aerial picture Ted took of what looks like a new "channel" being cut at the "Point", and asked whether it made sense to move sand to block off this channel.


Paul said he thought that was actually a spit forming and building beach from the ocean side, but agreed to consult with Dr. Stewart Farrell regarding this.
Here is Dr. Farrell's response:
Subject: RE: Strathmere natural area

Interesting change since mid-August. The added material right at the end of the ocean beach makes an even more effective blocker to preclude a tidal channel developing along the spit embayment created this summer in the park. The wildlife people are absolutely in love with this quiet water environment since it is perfect for plovers to feed from. They would be beyond hostile to any thoughts of filling it in or blocking it from tidal flow. We have to hope that the winds and waves today from the SE do not cut away much of the bump-out as they bring sand north to the inlet. Normally SE waves help the Strathmere situation by bringing sand into the inlet area, so we shall see. Great picture in any event. I do not see any pending crisis in the inlet region as of mid-September, so we will keep watch on things.
Dr. Stewart Farrell, Director, Richard Stockton Coastal Research Center
30 Wilson Avenue, Port Republic, NJ 08241
The Schiavo Library continues its fourth annual end of summer book sale through this Saturday, September 22.
The library is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00- 4:00 pm.
There are still some books left – including novels, nonfiction, paperbacks and children’s books. Some VHS tapes and DVDs are also for sale.
All books and media are very reasonably priced ($.25 to $1.00). Everyone is welcome to stop in and shop!
For more information call the library at (609) 486-6265 or email
The SFEC will again sponsor a dune grass planting, on Saturday, October 6. Carol Ferguson, Environmental Chairman, has ordered 1500 plants (same as last year) to be planted in several areas on the beach. SIA members have always been enthusiastic participants in this event, and we hope will be again this year.
Volunteers should meet at 10:00 am on the beach at Vincent Road.

That same afternoon, Saturday, October 6 at 4:00 pm, the SFEC will hold its annual Environmental Meeting, open to the public.
Guest lecturer will be Upper Township resident Alfred Breed, who will discuss the various birds that we in Strathmere encounter over the course of the year. It could include their nesting/mating habits, food preference, migration, endangered/threatened status, life span etc..
Plan to come!
Trolley Ride Update: The SIA Board agreed that the trolley rides were a Centennial event only, and that they would not sponsor additional rides.
However, since Ken and Debbie have done all the "prep work" for the Historic Strathmere ride, if anyone wants to organize a group of friends and family (not for profit, please) for a ride, they could be available for a nominal (presumably liquid) remuneration. For planning purposes, a single full tour would cost the organizer approximately $20 per rider, while two tours (our max) would be about half that...
Remember that on Wednesday, October 24, at 6:00 pm at the Firehouse, the US Postal Service will hold a meeting to discuss the future of mail service in Strathmere.

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Upcoming Events - mark your calendars:
Schiavo Book Sale until September 22
Dune Fencing Project Saturday, September 22, 8:30 am, Webster and the beach
Last day of Flounder Season, Friday, September 28
Dune Grass Planting, Saturday, October 6, 10:00 am, Vincent and the beach
SFEC Meeting and Environmental Presentation, Saturday, October 6, 4:00 pm
USPS Meeting Wednesday, October 24, 6:00 pm
SFEC Meeting Saturday, November 10, 4:00 pm
Services at the Strathmere United Methodist Church every Sunday until September      30: 9:15 Hymn Sing; 9:30 Service.
Let us know of additions or corrections!

And once again, check out Carol Baker's wonderful Strathmere History website at
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The annual dues are $10 per adult family member. The dues and the fund raisers provide for the Fourth of July Parade and our share of the Christmas Party. We also donate money to help pay for extra State Police protection. This year we invested in the Centennial Banners and the Historic Trolley Rides...

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Continue to Celebrate Our Strathmere Centennial!
1912 - 2012

Thanks very much for your continuing support of the Strathmere Improvement Association!
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Elaine Holsomback      
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Ken Weaver


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