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SIA Newsletter 6 12 2013 - SIA Meetings, Dues and Drawings; SFEC; General Slocum; Schiavo Library; Mahjong; ; Calendar

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

SIA Dues are due!
A generous SIA member has donated two pair of Phils tickets to help the SIA with fundraising.
We have decided that we will have a drawing (actually, two drawings!) at our first SIA meeting on Friday, July 12 for these tickets.

Entered in the drawing will be all those who have paid their SIA dues by that evening. You need not be present to win, but you must have paid your SIA dues

(only $10 per adult family member for a whole year!) to be eligible. Good luck, and pay up!
                     See the end of this newsletter for more information on SIA dues.

The SIA Board has confirmed that our two meeting nights this summer will be at 8:00 pm Friday, July 12 and Friday, August 9.
We've lined up great speakers for July - Herb Hollinger on what he went through to restore his home after Sandy, and Bryan Coons, Busy Bees Handyman.
Mark your calendars!

Also, the SIA Yard sale will be held at the Firehouse on Saturday, July 20 at 8 am. Plan to rent a table. Details to follow.


This is a very active time of year for the Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club. They have held a Surf Fishing Tournament and an Opening Day Flounder Tournament, and the Striper Tournament is ongoing. Results may be seen by clicking on the links above.

This Saturday are two big SFEC events: The Jane Shetler Women's Tournament and their Summer Social:

Jane Shetler was a very special lady. Extremely active in both the fire Company and the SFEC, she was well known to most Strathmere residents. Sadly, Jane passed away in 2006 after a losing battle with ovarian cancer. The SFEC honors her memory with an annual tournament just for women. The tournament is held as a benefit for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

We know some women who are great "anglers", and some who will only cast a line with no bait on the hook. We hope all women in Strathmere will join them on Saturday in honor of Jane. Details are on the SFEC website here. It's a great cause!

That evening at the Firehouse, the SFEC will present the awards for the tournament at their Summer Social. This is always a well-attended, fun night. The deadline for tickets has passed, but if you call Debbe Starr at 609-390-4718, she may be able to squeeze you in. More info at the tournament link above.


Also this Saturday, at 10am on the Prescott Road beach, the US Coast Guard Auxiliary will hold a memorial service to remember the victims of the General Slocum fire that killed over 1000 people in New York Harbor on June 15, 1904.

On that day, The General Slocum, a side wheel steam passenger ship, was chartered by St. Marks Lutheran Church of Lower Manhattan, a German neighborhood church, for an excursion to a picnic site on Long Island. The 1,358 passengers who boarded the ship that morning experienced a disastrous cascade of faults as the General Slocum caught fire and all the safety equipment on board failed. As a result of the many safety shortcomings, 1,021 people died that day, mostly women and children.

The Auxiliary conducts the service both to honor the victims and to remind all boaters of the importance of boating safety equipment and procedures. The location is particularly important because, following the disaster, the General Slocum was converted to a barge and ended up sinking in a storm off the Prescott Road beach in 1911.

Here is a picture from last year's memorial (there was also a helicopter fly-by):


Come on out on Saturday morning!

The “Walking Group” has started. It is open to anyone who likes to walk as a form of exercise or socialization, and is a loosely formed group that meets at 21 Williams Road at 8:15 AM daily. All are welcome.


Strathmere's Fourth of July Parade is only three weeks away! Start planning your award-winning outfits, floats, etc.!


The Schiavo Library will celebrate its fourth anniversary on June 26!
They had over 9300 visitors in the first three years, and will reward their 10.000th visitor with a gift certificate to Mildred's! You could be the one!
They'll have cupcakes for all visitors during the anniversary week.
A group of Strathmere women is forming to learn and play Mahjong at the Schiavo library, and dates have been chosen for the group’s first lessons:

This Friday: June 14th 9-10am
Monday: June 17th 9-10am
Friday: June 21st 9-10am

The group is meeting at the library before opening hours. They'll take advantage of the “quiet” time to learn this interesting game. If you’d like to join them, call or email the library.


Remember to follow and "like" the SIA (click the "Thumbs Up" box ) on Facebook:
You'll get an early look at lots of things going on in Strathmere!

Upcoming Events - please add to your calendars:

*Mahjong begins at the Schiavo Library at 9:00am, Friday, June 14

*General Slocum Memorial Service, Prescott Rd Beach, 10:00am, Saturday, June 15

*Jane Shetler Women's Tournament, Saturday, June 15

*SFEC Summer Social at the Firehouse, 6:00pm, Saturday, June 15
*Mahjong at the Schiavo Library, 9:00am, Monday, June 17
*Mahjong at the Schiavo Library, 9:00am, Friday, June 21
*SFEC Flounder Tournament, Saturday, June 29
*Bulk Trash Pickup, Monday, July 1
*Strathmere Fourth of July Parade, Registration: 9:30; Judging: 10:00; Parade Starts: 10:30am, Thursday, July 4

*SIA Meeting, 8:00pm, Friday, July 12

*SFEC Tuna Classic, July 13 to August 17

*SIA Yardsale at the Firehouse, 8:00am, Saturday, July 20

*CFSWB Auction at the Firehouse, 7:00pm, Saturday, July 27

*SIA Meeting, 8:00pm, Friday, August 9

*Nightmare in Strathmere Boat Parade, 6:30pm, Saturday, August 24

*Last Day of Flounder Season Sunday, September 27

Services at the Strathmere United Methodist Church every Sunday to September 29: 9:15 Hymn Sing; 9:30 Service.

Let us know of additions or corrections!
Our February 11, 2013 Newsletter on flood zones and flood insurance has been posted on the new Upper Township website here (under General Information... Announcements... Super Storm Sandy). We suggest you make the website location one of your "favorites" or "bookmarks", as you'll probably want to refer to it as the BFE / FIRM saga continues to unfold...
And once again, check out Carol Baker's wonderful Strathmere History website at

The Strathmere Improvement Association includes all owners in Strathmere and Whale Beach and many visitors. It was founded in 1951 as a community organization with the simple objective of making Strathmere a better place. We are proud of the organization's many accomplishments over the years.
The SIA is keeping the annual dues at $10 per adult family member. The dues and the fund raisers provide for the Fourth of July Parade and our share of the Christmas Party. We conducted a number of Centennial events last year, and also donated money to help pay for extra State Police protection, and to residents affected by Sandy.
NOTE: Since most of you never formally "signed up" as members, obviously we cannot "force" you to pay dues, which are really more like (non-deductible) donations anyway.
If you don't pay, we will still keep you on our newsletter distribution. The only penalty will be that you can't vote in our (mostly uncontested) elections!
Nevertheless, we really hope you see enough value in our projects and enjoy the newsletters enough so that you'll contribute $10 per adult family member.
Please send dues payments to SIA at PO Box 57, Strathmere, NJ 08248. Remember to tell us your correct e-mail address!
Also, please let us know if you have comments or suggestions for the newsletter or for SIA in general, or if you'd like us to change your e-mail address in our records.
You can contact us by responding to this e-mail at or by mailing SIA at PO Box 57.


Thanks very much for your continuing support of the Strathmere Improvement Association!
Linda Bateman
Elaine Holsomback
Donna Diefenderfer
Rosemarie Whelan
Ken Weaver

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