Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strathmere Fourth of July Parade Pictures (4) - Pre-Parade Activities and Our Thanks!

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Here is our fourth (and final) batch of pictures.

These were actually taken before the pictures in the other three newsletters, but this seemed like the best way to express our gratitude to our many volunteers!


With all that rain before (and after) the holiday, we were worried about the weather, but the Fourth was bright, clear and comfortable!
(click images for larger views)
Mary Welker, Mary Ann Omrod and Judy Hollinger are our "registrars", and ready for action.

Kate Weaver and Sue Ernst are our "traffic controllers", making sure folks get in the right line to register.

Registration is an "exciting" time...

Holly Weaver and Donna Diefenderfer handle the giveaways for participating kids.

Activities continue...

Diane Cappellucci will be Co-Chair of next year's parade, so she has been shadowing Jessica to learn the ropes.

Here come da judge(s)!
As registration ends, we dispatch our judges to pick the winners in their respective divisions. 
This group is Susan Prinsen, Debbie Gingrich, Maxi Prinsen, Elizabeth Gingrich, AJ Sarmesi and Jane Simone.

These judges are Sallie Callahan, Joanie DiFiore, and Karen Mitchell.
Karen will be Co-Chair of next year's parade with Diane.

This crew is led by Mari Ann Campbell (on the right), with three of her nieces, Mairead (Michigan cap), Mia and Ella. 

And these judges are Joyce and Len Wilson, their grandson Andrew Wilson and his friend Gabriela Silverman.

Some registrants caught our eye...


Our sales team was Linda Bateman and Kay Higginbotham, selling hats and visors for the SIA
(these sales are what pay for the giveaways and trophies).


Holly Weaver also sold hats and visors on Bayview Drive during the parade
(and they're still for sale at 212 Bayview Drive - 609-263-6846)

So we want to thank our registrars, traffic controllers, giveaway folks, judges and our sales team. Everyone did a marvelous job!
We also thank Butch and Debbie Vandegrift  for their major roles.
Not pictured, but equally deserving of thanks, are the members of the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company, Uncle Bill's, Horace Lorillier, and especially Lynda Brown, Gloria and their staff at the Deauville Inn.
The pictures for these newsletters were taken by Kate Weaver, Holly Weaver, Ken Weaver, Lori (Weaver) Barnes and Maxi Prinsen. Our thanks to them.
We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the parade, who obviously spent so much time on their ideas and decorations.
As we said in the Deauville newsletter, (#3), this is Ken and Jessica's fifth and final year as co-chairs.
It's been lots of fun (but we're glad we're done!). We know Diane and Karen will do a super job.
And now - we're outta here!!!



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