Friday, January 10, 2014

Schiavo Library: January 2014 Newsletter

Schiavo Library: January 2014 Newsletter

Craft Table: ”MakerSpace” is the newest buzzword in library circles. It’s a place in a library where patrons can experiment with technology and create something. The newest popular technology involves a 3D printer. We don’t have one of those, but we’ve created our own creative space. It’s a little more old-fashioned – we’re calling it the “Craft Table.” Please come in and try a new craft this winter. And if you have a special craft that you’d like to share, bring it in – we’ve got the “space.”

New Titles:
These bestsellers have just arrived at the library:

Note from the Director:
I’ll be on vacation for the month of February again this year. The library will be run by my able assistants, Melissa & Jessica, with normal winter hours : Tuesday through Saturday 10-4pm or 9-3pm.

Christine Rohrman, Library Director


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