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Schiavo Library: March 2014 Newsletter

Schiavo Library: March 2014 Newsletter 

How Important Are Our Public Libraries?
A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that 94% of Americans believe that having a public library improves the quality of life in a community. However, many were unclear about what happens at the local library. If you’re not sure what services your local library provides, stop in and find out. You may be surprised!

Library Quotes
"Amid the hectic pace of our lives, a library is like a comfy chair in front of a cozy fireplace on a wintry day, where people of every age and status can sit down and feel like they've come home... to a world without boundaries, to the world of books." C. J. Carr

Harriet Reardon Bailey’s Dream
In December we hosted a wonderful display of some of Harriet’s "treasures." It was just a tantalizing fraction of the collection that Harriet and her family have lovingly saved through the years. Her goal is to build the "Endicott-Reardon Museum" (on the mainland in Upper Township) to highlight family life at the shore. Through artifacts and photos, it will tell the story of two families that came to Cape May County in the early 1900s.
Just as Rita C. Schiavo’s vision of a local library became a reality, we wish Harriet success in her creation of a local museum. We’ll keep you posted.

Oscar Winners:
Again this year, we will purchase DVDs of the 2014 Oscar winning movies as they become available. So if you didn’t see them on the BIG screen, you can find them for rent here in the Schiavo Library this spring.

Christine Rohrman, Library Director

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