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SIA Newsletter 3 16 2014 - Snow on Trash Night; Obituaries for Blandine Schilling and Dee Schroder; Signs of Spring; Floating Dock; Oscar Winners; Photos by Ted Kingston

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

So why is it that storms always seem to hit Strathmere on trash night?
Tomorrow’s trash and recycling are the first times we’re supposed to use our new carts. If, like us, you requested smaller carts and they haven’t yet been delivered, or if you had already started to fill your old carts when the new ones were delivered this week (in the middle of a windstorm), the Township assures us that since they will continue to use a rear-loading truck in Strathmere, they will pick up trash using your old containers, at least this week. More info here. Didn’t get the new carts, or have questions? Call Public Works at (609) 628-2011, Ext 350.


We are expecting snow in Strathmere, late tonight into Monday. Both Accu-Weather and the National Weather Service are now predicting 6” to 10” for Cape May County. We’ll see if these turn into the same “dud” of a forecast we’ve had with most other predicted snowstorms down here this winter. At least they are saying no problem with tidal flooding, despite the full moon today. Temps should be in the 50’s later this week, so don’t spend a lot of time shoveling..


Sadly, we have two obituaries to pass along, both previously reported on the Strathmere Blog.
Blandine Schilling, formerly of “Ernie’s Corner”, passed away on February 21 at age 105. Her obituary may be found here.
“Dee” Schroder, who with her husband “Max” ran the Trailer Park in Strathmere for many years, passed away on March 13 at age 94. Her obituary may be found here.


Despite the predictions for snow, robins have been seen here in Strathmere. Our true indicator of spring, however, laughing gulls, have not yet made an appearance.

There was a sighting of a piping plover (“tastes like chicken”) this week at the water’s edge of the Prescott Road Beach.

We were also reminded by NJ Fish and Wildlife that dogs are no longer permitted on the beach as of the Ides of March.


Found (?) – What looks like a floating dock is on the meadows across from the boat ramp. Perhaps it tore loose in the windstorm last week.


The Schiavo Library reports that again this year, they will purchase DVDs of the 2014 Oscar winning movies as they become available.

If you didn’t see them on the big screen, you can find them for rent at the Library this spring.


Here are some great aerial photographs taken by Ted Kingston:

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Upcoming Events - please add to your calendars:
SFEC Special Meeting with Legislators and Fishing Advocates, Saturday, March 22 at 3:00 pm.
Mildred’s opens, Friday, April 4

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You can also see the beach and ocean from the Octagon Webcam.


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