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STM on NCIS; Christmas party, Bulkhead Public Meeting; LaFontana @Planning Board; Aerial Views from Ted

(I'm late posting this for the SIA because my computer crashed and I haven't checked my Strathmere email in a few weeks)

November 26, 2018

In this issue Strathmere on Prime Time NCIS; Christmas Party; Bulkhead Public Hearing; LaFontana at Planning Board; a Couple New Aerial Shots...
1. Gibbs Coming to Strathmere?If you watched NCIS on Tuesday night, you may have heard Strathmere, NJ, mentioned not once, but twice!  Early into the show, the viewer learns a servicewoman's body is being escorted back to her hometown: Strathmere, NJ. The town is mentioned again when Gibbs discusses the distance between NCIS headquarters and STM. You can watch the full episode at:

   And no, we have no idea how that happened! Do YOU?

. Plan to Attend the Christmas Party!
 Now that the Thanksgiving dishes are done, it's time to start thinking about Christmas! Please make plans for the Annual Strathmere Christmas Party by emailing Donna Diefenderfer or sending a check. (see info below) You can pay at the door, but we need to give the Deauville and SANTA (!) a count of who's coming. All children 12 and under will receive a gift if we know in advance. Looking forward to celebrating with YOU! (Oh, and tasting your homemade dessert, if you're baking!)

Christmas party 2018_1.jpg

3. Public Hearing on New Bulkhead Heights.At a recent Township meeting, the Committee introduced a new ordinance which would raise the height of all new bulkheads to eight feet. A public hearing and vote will be taken at the next meeting, Monday, December 3, 7:30 pm , Township Hall. Two town halls were held in Strathmere, mostly devoted to the discussion of raising the height from 7' to 8'; if you'd like additional input, please plan to attend the Committee meeting. Here's an article from the Press of Atlantic City

4. LaFontana's Request on Tap at December 20 Planning Board Meeting, 7:30 pm, Township Hall.
La Fontana is requesting permission to eliminate parking on the Commonwealth side of the restaurant, and replacing that area with a new septic. This would be a loss of seven parking spaces and potentially increase the number of tables allowed inside the restaurant. Here's the section of the agenda originally proposed at the October Planning Board meeting:

BUJAR AND GAWI DAKU – BLOCK 846 LOT 4 – PB 07-18 Applicants are requesting preliminary and final site plan approval and variances for impervious coverage and number of parking spaces at LaFontana Restaurant, 1 S. Commonwealth Avenue in Strathmere.

5. Ted Kingston's Spectacular Aerial Views: 
You can follow Ted Kingston Photography on facebook for more pix like these taken on November 18. Thanks for being so generous, Ted.


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