Sunday, August 02, 2009

Don't walk on the dunes!

Please. Just because they haven't put up signs yet that say 'Don't Walk on the Dunes' doesn't mean that you can walk on the dunes. Have some common sense. Don't walk on the top of the new dunes, don't make your own path to the beach, don't climb over a fence to get to the beach.

That being said, here are some photos of the finished dredging at the Point. They are finished from the Point down tto Sherman, all beaches are open there. The dredgers are now working from Sherman down to Whale Beach.
The beaches at Williams, Winthrop, Seacliff and Seaview are huge! (don't complain that it's too far of a walk, it's better than no beach at all)

This photo was taken at the base of the dune on Winthrop, looking towards the Ocean.

From Winthrop beach looking south

Walking towards the Point

At the end of the Point, at high tide, looking back at the houses

On the Point, looking towards the Ocean

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