Monday, August 03, 2009

Hey! You Missed a Spot!

So the Point has been filled. Almost.
The Point has been filled with fresh dredged sand straight out from Commonwealth and forward toward the Ocean, but for some reason the Point was not filled in on the bay side.
Last Winter, the township put in the big boulders, but they only went about 3/4 of the way across the face of the Point, leaving those last few houses on the bayside of the point unprotected. While some of the Point began to rebuild itself before dredging started, this area continued to erode several feet a day.

You can see exactly where the new sand stops in this first photo -

The beach wasn't filled all the way to the old bay coastline, it stops about 4-5 houses from the bay, leaving the houses there with water coming right up to the back of their property lines -

Today several homeowners put up their own beach fencing across the back of their properties, to try to encourage sand to build up. But it's going to be hard to get sand to build up when you see waves splashing against the fence at high tide -

Sorry, you can't walk around there, people. That water is several feet deep.

So the question is, Why wasn't it done? If you're going to have a big project like this done, why not do it all and do it right? It seems to me that the water that has already eroded that side of the Point will just keep coming in, washing out the new sand. I'd be pretty mad if I was one of those homeowners.

Also, the beach path at Seacliff has been reopened.

And please remember -

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