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SIA Newsletter 7 8 11 - 4th of July Parade Results and Pictures

To all Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

We had a great day for our parade! A little hot, but still a great day!
We want to tell you here of our many winners, provide some parade pictures (and links to others) and thank at least some of those who made the parade happen.

Awards were presented as follows:

Division 100 – Motorized Floats
First Prize, “Dancing Yankee Doodles” - Ed Dietz;
Second Prize, “Summer Mummers” – Karly Boles

Honorable Mention
“The Fox Fourth” – Tim Fox
“Pop Chal Palooza” – Paul Geib
“Strathmere Safari” – Joe Coffey
Take A Kid Fishing” – Strathmere Fishing & Environmental Club

Division 200 – Hand-Pulled Floats
First Prize, “Strathmere Rocks” – Roland Family
Second Prize, “Pirates of Corson’s Inlet” – Gabor Family

Division 300 – Walkers, Wagons & Strollers (Adults and Children)
First Prize, “Super Sundae Squad” – Schwartz;
Second Prize (Tie), “Strathmere Recreation Department” – Furey & Pond Families
Second Prize (Tie), “Don’t Shop Around” – Collette Breen
Honorable Mention
“Red Wagon” – Darens
“Stars and Stripes” – DeGuzman and Lord Families
“Star Spangled Wagon”

Division 400 – Walkers and Wagons (Adults Only)
First Prize, “Fish 'n' Chics” – The Townsends

Division 500 – Bikes, Trikes and Scooters
First Prize, “Patriotic Wagon / Bicycle” - Matt Calloway;
Second Prize (Tie), “Nobody ‘Parades’ Like Strathmere” - Madeline and Jacqueline White;
Second Prize (Tie), “USA Sign / Pinwheel” - Holly Robinson

Honorable Mention
“Star Spangled Bikes” - Erin Daley
“Star-Spangled Girl” - Hannah Emmell
“Birth of America” - Rachel Bacon
“Seacliff Stripers” – The Hares and Friends
“Happy Fourth” – Luke Rantanen
“Streamers / Crepe Paper” – Shay Comiskey

Division 600 - Participation prizes were awarded to nine classic and antique cars:
Jerry Bailey - 1949 Chevy half-ton pickup
Walt McCormac – 1987 Jaguar V-12
Elaine Holsomback – 1967 Mustang
Steve Omrod – 1997 Mustang Cobra
Mike Murray – 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88
Greg Mahley – 1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88
The Biylers – 1931 Ford “A” 23 Durant Touring
Jim Wines – 1971 MG B
Mike Santori – 1982 Mercedes 380 SL

Here are some parade pictures. More can be found on the Strathmere Website here and on the SIA Facebook Page here

Parade pictures mostly by Holly Weaver. Award pictures mostly by Kate Weaver.

At the Deauville, Ken Weaver introduces Lance Corporal Andrew Loesch, who recently returned from his second tour in Afghanistan, while SIA President Charles “Butch” Vandegrift applauds.

Butch then announced the parade trophy winners

Watching the Parade is great, but perhaps the best part of the day is watching the children receive hard-won awards…

The program ended with Debbie Vandegrift singing a beautiful rendition of “God Bless America”…

Ken and Jessica Weaver were again co-chairs and organizers of the parade.

They would like to thank the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company, Uncle Bill’s, Horace Lorillier and especially Lynda Brown and her staff at the Deauville Inn.

They would also like to thank everyone who participated, who obviously spent so much time on their ideas and decorations!
In addition, they would like to thank all those who helped with registration, judging, children’s giveaways and SIA Sales.

Kate Weaver and Sue Ernst directed people to the correct registration line. Mary Welker, Mary Ann Omrod and Judy Hollinger registered everyone in the parade.
The three pictures below show eight of our ten judges:

 Len & Joyce Wilson and Sophia Wisniewska & Mary Schmelzer

Unfortunately, your intrepid photographer failed to take a picture of Ginny & Steve Simone

Karen Berry & Tim O'Kane; Jim & Alice March


Holly Weaver & Gina Zeccardi saw that every child in the parade got a "giveaway".


Marion Ingram, Kay Higginbotham and Donna Diefenderfer sold SIA Strathmere "Stuff".

Please remember that the parade, including all of the giveaways and trophies, is financed by the SIA entirely from dues payments and the sale of items like tee shirts, caps, tote bags, coolers, etc.

We sold lots of caps, tote bags and coolers on the Fourth of July, so thanks to all who purchased!

Remember, our annual "dues" are just $10 per adult family member, and you can send them to SIA at PO Box 57 in Strathmere.

Remember also our SIA Meeting tonight at 8:00 pm - Beer Tasting with Philly Pretzels!

You can contact us by responding to this e-mail  or by mailing SIA at PO Box 57 in Strathmere.
Thanks to all for your continuing support!
Butch Vandegrift - President
Linda Bateman -Vice-President
Donna Diefenderfer - Treasurer
Dorothy Addario - Recording Secretary
Ken Weaver - Corresponding Secretary

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