Saturday, October 27, 2012

SIA Newsletter 10 27 2012 - Mandatory Evacuation Order for Cape May County Barrier Islands for Tomorrow (Sunday) Evening

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

On Friday, Cape May County officials declared a mandatory evacuation for the barrier islands by Sunday -

Ocean City officials are saying that access to Ocean City from the mainland will be restricted at some point on Sunday. See story at -

The Sea Isle City website says there will be a voluntary evacuation on Saturday and a mandatory evacuation on Sunday October 28th prior to 9:00PM. At that time all access roads to all barrier islands will be closed -

We believe that this could be an extremely bad storm for Strathmere. The exact track and landfall are not clear, but it looks like the storm will make landfall between the Delmarva peninsula and New York City, with us targeted almost in the middle.

If the storm comes ashore south of us, we're afraid we could have four feet or more of water on our streets.
We're also worried that it will hang around for multiple high tides (recall that in '62 that storm stayed for five high tides), and the water could get even higher.
If it comes ashore north of us (as Irene did), we'll be on the back side of the ccw winds, which means we'll get "blowout" winds and very low tides (but we will still almost certainly have flooding from the severe 6" to 12" of rain)...
It seems we'll be lucky(?) in one sense, that although there will be a full moon on Monday, predicted high tides are seven or eight inches below those normally predicted around a full moon.
Predicted high tides:
Sunday:        7:36am 4.5 feet;       7:53pm 4.0 feet
Monday:       8:12am 4.6 feet        8:31pm 3.9 feet
Tuesday:      8:48am 4.6 feet        9:09pm 3.8 feet
Wednesday: 9:23am 4.6 feet        9:47pm 3.6 feet
Thursday:     9:58am 4.5 feet       10:25pm 3.5 feet

Our advice - don't stay on a barrier island for this one! Be safe!
Coming back: check out the websites above to see when access roads will reopen. Upper Township does not seem to have anything on their site relating to Sandy. We'll try to send out some newsletters if we have power at our evacuation site (and you have power to receive them).


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