Monday, October 29, 2012

Some more Hurricane Sandy photos

A few more Strathmere photos taken during Monday 10/29 -

First 4 photos from Riordan Real Estate's Facebook page -

A channel marker floats by Riordan's office about 6PM -

1:30PM October 29, 2012 looking North on Commonwealth Avenue

1:30PM October 29, 2012 looking North on Bayview Drive

Commonwealth Avenue Strathmere. 11AM October 29, 2012

Next a few photos from Greg Bennett, Tom Scranton, The Octagon webcam, and Twitter

A screen grab from the Octagon live-cam of Randolph Beach, early Monday morning  -

Water starting to enter the beach path at Randolph, Monday morning  -

The Randolph beach entrance late Monday afternoon -


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Lucy said...

Thanks so much for keeping everyone up to date. The thought of anything bad happening to Strathmere is awful to consider. Please know we're all sending good juju your way!