Monday, November 06, 2006

Winter construction

Here are pics of some of the construction projects going on currently in Strathmere and Whale Beach.

First is a serious dismantle going on at the southern part of Whale beach.

Next are 2 Whale Beach constructions well under way

Next is a big one going up on the south-east side of Vincent

A house on the south-east side of Willard has been stripped and temporarily moved, waiting for new piles so it can be put back in place and then rebuilt.

Studded out at the corner of Bayview & Tecumseh

Clearing the lot on Commonwealth, near Winthrop.

Work continues on the south-east side of Seaview

And on the ginormous house on the north-east side of Seaview (where the Spanish house and the stilted cottage use to stand)

If you are an owner of any of these homes, and you'd prefer that your house not be pictured here, just let me know and I will remove the photo. I only post the pictures because people who are away from Strathmere during the Winter just like to see what's going on it town.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A letter about Strathmere memories.

I received this great letter recently from a longtime and now long distant resident of Strathmere. I love letters like this, people sharing their love for our great little town and hearing about how the website brings back fond memories of Summers in Strathmere. I hope you'll enjoy this letter as much as I did -

My family history.
My mother's family vacationed in Townsend's inlet in the 1930's (during the depression of all things) when she was a child. She watched them build the Townsend's Inlet Bridge. After marrying in 1950, my parents bought a trailer and spent summers throughout the 1950's in Max Schroder's trailer park. While I grew up in Upper Darby, my mother was a school teacher and we spent every summer of my childhood in Strathmere. In 1962 my father bought our property in Strathmere. The land was cleared and construction about to begin on his new home when the Storm came through. It delayed contruction a few months, but how lucky can you get?

As a young teamager I helped Herb and Rich Hollinger run Larry's Dock (later to be known as Corson's Inlet Marina). On several occasions I had the good fortune to sit in Ernies (formerly known as Harcers (sp??) and listen to Harlan Wittcamp tell stories of his childhood in Strathmere. He told of riding the train to school in Sea Isle. It came very early ~ 7 am and school didn't start until nearly 9 am. He said if weather permitted, he'd always walk home on the beach because the train didn't return until after 5 pm and school was finished by 3 pm. These memories came back to me while reading through the "West Jersey Cottage" section of your website. Looking at your pictures, I know have a clear visual as to how Strathmere looked in Mr. Wittcamp's childhood. All of this is happening 35 years after listening to his stories!

Many other childhood memories have sprung to life. I remember the homes destroyed in '62 - either sitting on the beach, or in Whale Beach's case - out in the marsh. Some were there for a couple years. I climbed on the Coast Guard Tower after they cut it down, played on the Indian Rocks ruins, and watched them build the beach front jetties starting at the point and running down the length of the town. Dump trucks came through town endlessly with huge rocks that are now buried beneath the sand.

I still own our family property in Strathmere. While I moved to Houston in 2000, my wife and children spend the summer in Strathmere and I commute. It makes life in Houston bearable.
Lastly, I love the Webcam. It's located about a block or two north of Prescott Rd and my kids cannot wait for next summer to call me on the phone and say, "Dad, can you see me now?!" It's great to pull up the Webcam and go for a mental stroll on the beach now and then. Please keep it active!

Again, many thanks for your efforts.
Corry Lang