Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Schiavo Library February 2016 Newsletter

Schiavo Library February 2016 Newsletter 

February Schedule
Just a reminder - the library will be closed for the first two weeks of February. This will provide needed maintenance and cleanup time. We’ll be reopening on February 16th with our regular schedule, but closed on Saturday the 20th. I’m still in Florida, so Melissa’s hours are 9-3:00pm Tuesday - Friday and 10-4:00pm Saturday.
Mah Jongg will continue once the library reopens. Call for the schedule.

Tech Trends for 2016
I was recently reading a newsletter from Techsoup (a company that connects nonprofits with corporate tech donations). These were some of Editor Jim Lynch’s predictions for 2016:
• Video will continue to be the most interesting media on the Internet. This past year, U. S. adults spent more than five and a half hours on their digital devices, mostly watching video.
• Apparently in 2016, we will have to stop using punctuation in our texting, especially periods. It supposedly conveys insincerity. (???)
• And smart watches like the Apple Watch haven’t taken off as expected. But guess what has? Fitness trackers such as Fitbit. Even I have a Garmin vivofit that tracks my steps for the day.

Romance Videos
In searching the Internet to find the top 10, 50 or 100 romance movies, I realized that no one can agree. Even our library has over 35 DVDs classified as “Romantic.” Do you have a favorite? Let me know; we can create our own list. Here are a few of our Romantic DVDs (come in and check one out):

Christine Rohrman, Library Director