Saturday, September 01, 2018

September Schiavo Library Newsletter

Schiavo Library: September 2018 Newsletter    

Used Book Sale
Our Ninth annual end of summer book sale is happening now! Library hours are generally 10-4pm. Some days we open earlier. Stop on in - the sale goes on until the end of September.  Lots of great Books still left.                                                 

September News
September is “Amnesty Month.” NO FINES are collected for overdue books!
September returns to normal off-season hours – NO Thursday evening hours.
MahJong continues here this fall – times vary, so call the library for more information.

End of Summer Recap:
We had Storytime and Lego Club all summer, sadly we hardly had anyone to read to or play legos with.  J Remember us next Summer we have it Tuesday’s.  
Our Summer Family activities are always so much fun, and you guys make it special. 
Family Scavenger Hunt (10 attended).  We had 1 huge family breakup into 3 groups.  It was a good time. Next year, lookout we will have a whole new list and hopefully other families to challenge. 
Family Bingo Night (3 attended) However, there were several games played and lots of prizes.
Mahjong – was also played here a few Thursday (Late) evenings. 

September Ideas:
Be on the lookout for our Banned Books display, the week of September 23rd

Have a great fall!
Melissa Warren, Library Director                                                                                                     

Beach erosion on Seaview and Seacliff

The ocean is rough out there today. The erosion at Seaview is terrible. That entrance had been closed for a few weeks already. Now the dune is washing out, including beach fencing and poles. That's at least an 8 foot wall there which used to be a dune.
The entrance at Seacliff should also be closed because there is about a 3 foot drop there.

The waves are wild out there today. This is the ocean side of the Point, just north of Seaview. You shouldn't try to walk out there, the waves are right up to the dune at Seaview, pulling out fencing and posts and tossing them around.

The video below is standing at Seacliff beach entrance.