Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thanks from Pam & Anne to Everyone who attended the Twisties reunion

On August 5th, a group of friends who hung together in Strathmere in the 1980s got together for a reunion at Twisties. Here is a message from the organizers of that event -

'It was great seeing everyone on Saturday at Twisties. Hopefully you all had a good time, as we both enjoyed seeing every one and we missed the ones who could not be there. It was great catching up with everyone! Let's not wait another 20 years before getting together again!!! We took a survey and a lot of people mentioned July 3rd weekend as a good weekend to get together. Contact me (Pam Maginnis Moyer) if you think it is. pmoyer65@verizon.net

Anne and Pam'

A message from the Mayor

Here is a copy of an email that I received from Wanda Gaglione -

Dear Strathmere Residents,
Mayor Palombo has instructed me to forward this message to you.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Wanda Gaglione, Municipal Clerk Upper Township 609-628-2011 Ext. 200
Hello everyone,
Just an update on a few items concerning Strathmere --
The two bulkheads have been repaired in Strathmere. They may need to be looked at again next year for more extensive work or replacement. The Public Works Dept. repaired an inlet & drainpipe at 400 Bayview Avenue. The speed humps will be installed on Taylor Avenue starting this week. That's all I have for you for now. I will continue to keep you informed as information becomes available.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Rich Palombo, Mayor Upper Township

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sherman Beach Photos

Here are two photos from Sherman street beach, looking north. Taken in June 2006 and sent to us by Brig Seaver
Click images for larger views.

Strathmere in the News

Here are a few Strathmere related stories found in local newspapers -

Strathmere's Charm continues to atract visitors

Whale dies after being rescued off Sea Isle Beach

Sunday, August 06, 2006

August Seaview Beach & Construction Report

Here's an update on the construction going on at the end of Seaview. They're really moving on the new house which is going up where the turquoise/green house use to be -

Then, where the Spanish style house use to stand, lots of work is getting done there too. There is going to be one large house on both the property of the Spanish house and the property of the beachfront cottage. The Spanish house was entirely demolished and the base floor of the new house was built. Now, the beachfront cottage has been placed up on top of one end of the new construction. The outside of it has been stripped and it is being melded into the new large house.

What happened to the beach at the ends of Seaview & Seacliff? A few weeks ago a big chunk of the beach there was washed away, and the sea is still nibbling at the dunes. These photos were taken at 9AM, which I think was midway between low tide and high tide coming in.
First, a view from the top of the dune on Seaview, then a view midway down the dune, right before the dune drops off about 3 foot to the beach.

Below is a view of the 3 foot tall drop from the dune to the beach that the sea took a big chunk out of. Next is a view of the beach between Seaview & Seacliff, not very wide. The third photo is a 5 foot tall chunk out of the wall of the dunes between the two streets.

Next are two photos of the big sand bar in the very center of the inlet. Again, these photos were taken midway between low and high tide. The seagulls obviously love it out there. Hopefully, the water area between the beach and the sand bar will fill in with sand naturally, so that we can have our big point beach back next year.

Click images for larger views.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Strathmere Ocean Kayak Festival

Upper Township Beach Patrol
Upper Township, New Jersey

August 1, 2006


Strathmere Ocean Kayak Festival

The Upper Township Beach Patrol is holding their Strathmere Ocean Kayak Festival on the beach in Strathmere, NJ on Saturday, August 12 beginning at 10:30 AM. The Festival is a kayak-learning experience for the entire family, from the complete novice to competitor, through supplied instruction, demonstration and staged ocean kayak races.

Kayaking is soaring in popularity as an affective cardiovascular and upper body strength-training workout that leaves the arms and chest in chiseled form. The open ocean sprint races off the beach and through the surf are exceptionally exciting to watch with distances for the beginner and pro. Wave skiing competition will also be included.

Spectators, beginners and competitors are invited to spend a day on the beach to learn more about the sport and compete. Race entry fee with t-shirt is $20. Event admission is FREE, and all equipment will be supplied FREE for both the instruction sessions and races. The event will take place at Vincent Street and the beach in Strathmere. Award ceremony and post-race party will immediately follow at Beach Patrol Headquarters.

For more information, contact the Upper Township Beach Patrol, 609-263-1151,
or Jack O’Hara at 215-698-7662.