Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Second 80s Kids Reunion - August 25th

Please mark your calendars, dust off your Police and Bruce albums!
EVERYBODY WELCOMED to come and join the fun!
Please email Pammy at pmoyer65@verizon.net with your plans!

What: The Second time Ever Strathmere 80’s Kids Reunion
When: Nightmare in Strathmere August 25th, 2007 6:00pm till ?
Where: Deauville
And we would love to see:
Christine “Miss Pitman” and Mike Cogan , Sue Adams ,Timmy, Bucky, Wendy, Chrisy Buckland, Jacque Clements ,Tim Copper , Karen, Jeff, Phillip Eggleston - Debbie Holland and Keven Holland. (Eggleston Cousins) Brian Ford , Michael Green , Beth Heidre and Sue Heidre, Anne, Stephen, Olaf, Sue, and Sandy Omrod , Pam, Lori, Kenny and Jimmy , Patrick and Julie O’brien, Geoff, Jon and and Andy O’brian , Trish Leach (Eggleston’s next door neighbor) Susie, Mik, Linda, and Andrew Ojamaa , Lisa Moock and Sisters and Brother, Beth Roland and Sister and Friends , Jill and Joy Steeland , David & Eric Scott , Colleen Ford and the gang from the other reunion, Everyone who hung out with Sandy and Suzy Omrod, Dave Shivers , Billy McCutcheon

The Second 80 Kid’s Reunion will be held the August 25th – Nightmare in Strathmere
We hope to see you there!
Anne, Karen, and Pam

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A gorgeous, coffee-table photo book of Strathmere shacks, cottages and beach landmarks (including a nice beefcake shot of lifeguards!) is available as a benefit offering from the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company. Each book contains 36 photographs on 27 pages. The photos were taken and generously donated by Fire Company members Greg Bennett, Ella Diamond, Ed Tettemer and Dave Townsend.
"Strathmere, Volume One," is available in hard cover at $45 and the soft cover is sold out. Books are available through Fire Company members and at Chief Bruce Riordan's office.
Call and reserve yours today: 609.263.3235.

Or send your check made out to the Fire Company and put it in the mail to:
Post Office Box Holder
Strathmere NJ 08248

Include a $5 per book for postage costs, please, unless you can pick it up. This is a limited edition and they're going fast. Volume Two will be available next summer.

The hardcover version -

The softcover - (sold out)

Strathmere stories in the Press of Atlantic City

Here's a nice story about Strathmere's Ocean Beach Trailer park - Trailers on oceanfront are rare, until you get to Strathmere

And a story about the 4th of July Parade - Strathmere group holds July Fourth tax protest

Friday, July 06, 2007

Here's a video of Strathmere's 1995 4th of July Parade. I think the lady in red and blue satin is Under Dog Woman, and I'm not sure how she ended up in Strathmere! the video is courtesy of Ed Tettemer.


Strathmere Sandcastle

This fantastic and huge sandcastle was built on the beach at Winthrop - click images for larger views