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SIA Newsletter 3 31 2012 - Trash Collection Info; Construction Activity in Strathmere

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Attached is information on the collection of trash, recycling and yard debris in Strathmere in 2012.

We hope you will save it in a folder for when you need it and print copies out for your Strathmere and Whale Beach bulletin board or refrigerator...

It seems that the economic news is improving slowly around the country, but here in Strathmere and Whale Beach we're hearing lots of hammers and saws.

808 Bayview Drive

805 Bayview Drive (at Prescott)

400 Bayview Drive

501 Bayview Drive

204 Neptune Drive

29 Webster Road

31 Tecumseh Road

35 Tecumseh Road

2316 Commonwealth Avenue

And the Trailer Park has some new pads!

The work on the bridge railings has really been moving along, and it looks clear that they will complete the work before Memorial Day.

Thanks again for your continuing support of the Strathmere Improvement Association!

Linda Bateman
Elaine Holsomback
Donna Diefenderfer
Dorothy Addario
Ken Weaver

Strathmere Improvement Association March, 2012

Yard Debris and Brush – Collection Regulations
Grass clippings, leaves, brush and other yard debris will be collected if put out as prescribed below. These must be placed at the curb early Monday morning - the same time as the trash. They will not be picked up then, but the driver will call in the location and they will be picked up by Tuesday.

Note that no debris from tree removal or lot clearing will be collected.

Grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris must be placed in paper compost bags or reusable containers. The reusable compost containers must comply with the same requirements as the trash and recycling containers, and must have removable lids, external handles, a minimum capacity of 20 gallons and a maximum capacity of 45 gallons, and not weigh over 50 pounds when full. The paper compost bags (these are available at Home Depot, etc) must only be filled to a capacity that will allow a single collection crewmember to lift and load the bags without spillage.


Brush, resulting from residential tree trimming and pruning, must be placed at the curb in a neat pile with the larger ends facing the street in order to be collected. Brush must also be placed at the curb early Mondays as above, and shall be placed 10’ from the curb or edge of pavement. It will not be collected during November and December.

Loose leaves will be collected from April 1 to April 29 and November 15 to December 31. Leaves must be placed at the shoulder of your street or road in long rows, not large piles, for collection.


You must keep the leaf piles a minimum of 10 feet from any storm drain inlet. The Township will only collect rows of loose leaves that are free of sticks and other debris. If your piles contain sticks and other debris they will not be collected until the debris is removed.

Tree Trimming Program Requirements.
Township of Upper’s ordinance #11-1983 requires Township Residents to maintain any plant life within ten feet of any street or roadway and within twenty-five feet of the intersection of any two streets or roadways. Any plant life [trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges etc.] bordering any streets, roadways or sidewalks must be trimmed to allow safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Intersections must be trimmed to allow clear sight of all traffic signs [stop signs] and approaching vehicles. A Township Official will notify anyone in violation of the ordinance and they will be given ten days to correct the problem. If the violation is not corrected the Township will authorize the work to be completed and the property owner will be billed accordingly.

Strathmere Improvement Association March, 2012

Strathmere Residents - Public Works Information - 2012 from the SIA

Strathmere Residents - Public Works Information - 2012

Condensed from the Upper Township Website:

Note that regular collection of both Trash and Recycling will occur on the following holiday weekend Mondays: May 28 (Memorial Day) and September 3 (Labor Day)

On October 8 (Columbus Day Weekend), and November 12 (Veterans’ Day) there will be no pickup. Trash will be picked up on October 9 and November 13 but recycling must be held until the following week.

Trash and Recycling Collection Requirements
Household Trash must be in a sealed watertight container (trash can with lid) and placed at the curb prior to 6:00 a.m. on Mondays (our collection day). Trash containers must be in good condition and have a minimum capacity of 20 gallons and a maximum capacity of 45 gallons. The containers must have removable lids, external handles, and must weigh 50 pounds or less when full. Non-conforming containers will be tagged with orange condemned notices, and a letter will be hand delivered by the Sanitation Inspector with an explanation of the violation, and what is required to correct the violation.

Recycling Materials must also be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on Mondays. Recycling containers must comply with the same requirements as trash containers.

Recycling Materials must be handled in the following manner:
CLEAR, BROWN and GREEN GLASS bottles and jars, ALUMINUM cans, STEEL [TIN] cans, including empty aerosol cans*, and PLASTIC bottles and jugs** must be placed in a recycling container for collection. They only want empty, clean household products containers.

*Empty Aerosol Cans from household products only! NO PAINT CANS of any type.

**Empty Plastic Household Containers must have a #1 or #2 RECYCLING SYMBOL on them.

NEWSPAPERS (with inserts), MAGAZINES, CORRUGATED CARDBOARD*, OFFICE PAPER, JUNK MAIL, and BROWN PAPER BAGS must be placed in a recycling container, a brown paper bag or a corrugated cardboard box for collection. Shredded paper may be placed in clear plastic bags for identification and collection. Styrofoam and plastic wrap must be removed from cardboard boxes prior to collection.

*Corrugated cardboard is brown in color and has a layer of corrugation between the inside and outside layers. Only this type of cardboard can be recycled. Not to be recycled are the following paper products: pizza boxes, white or gray chipboard boxes (cereal boxes, clothing boxes, tissue boxes, shiny beer boxes, shiny soda boxes, etc.), paper towels, cardboard tubes, paper plates, plastic coated boxes or tissue paper or gift wrapping paper of any kind.


Mixed Rigid Plastics are collected for recycling. These plastics are collected the day following the scheduled bulk trash collections (see below). These include plastic buckets, laundry baskets, crates, trashcans, lawn and patio furniture, toys, playhouses, coolers, shelving, flowerpots, car bumpers and plastic parts, bed liners, and five-gallon water bottles.

Electronics are collected for recycling. They are collected either late during the day of bulk collections or on the day following the scheduled bulk trash collections. All TV’s, computer monitors and computer accessories, VCR’s, fax machines, telephones and phone systems, electric typewriters and word processors, CD players, and cell phones are now designated recycling materials.

Used Motor Oil and Used Anti-Freeze must be placed in a one-gallon plastic container with a screw-on lid (water jug, milk jug, anti-freeze jug, detergent jug etc.) Place the one-gallon plastic containers of used motor oil and anti-freeze next to your commingled recycling materials for collection.

Used Motor Oil and Used Anti-Freeze will not be collected unless handled as described above!

PLEASE REMEMBER that the way you put out trash and recycling materials for collection has a direct effect on your Strathmere and Whale Beach neighborhood! Loose trash and recycling materials can be blown all over the place. If you do not use cans with lids for your trash it can be spread by seagulls.

Bulk Waste Schedule 2012:
April 2
May 7
June 4
July 2
August 6
September 10
October 15
November 5
December 3

HOUSEHOLD BULK WASTE: carpets, furniture, appliances and other large household items are collected on the days indicated by the schedule above. You MUST CALL 628-2011, Ext 6 to arrange for pickup prior to the collection date. Please make every effort to call prior to the weekend before the collection because of the limited space on the Township answering machine.

BULK WASTE ITEMS MUST BE AT THE CURB BY 6:00 A.M. THE DAY OF COLLECTION. All DOORS must be removed from refrigerators and freezers.

No building materials or construction debris will be collected. Also, no wooden fencing, railroad ties, pallets, landscaping timbers, or scrap wood will be collected. No gas tanks, fuel tanks or propane tanks will be collected, nor will paints or any other types of hazardous materials.

The disposal of the materials not collected is the responsibility of the resident, homeowner or contractor.

Used Clothing Recycling Requirements
Clean, folded and bagged USED CLOTHING, USED SHOES and HANDBAGS [in good condition] can be delivered to the Upper Township Road Department at 1691 Mount Pleasant Road, Tuckahoe from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. five [5] days per week. The items are to be placed in the USED CLOTHING SHED to the left of the main entrance gate. The used materials are picked up by the Goodwill of Southern New Jersey to be reused.

Strathmere Improvement Association March, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pete O'Kane Obituary

On Friday, March 9, Pete O'Kane, who was in excellent health, suffered a sudden major hemorrhagic stroke at home in Hobe Sound, Florida. He passed away at Treasure Coast Hospice in Stuart, Florida on Tuesday evening, March 20. He was 84.

Pete was one of those lucky enough to spend his youth as a year-round resident of Strathmere. He attended grade school at the Ocean City Central Avenue School (now the jail), the same building where his mother attended high school. Pete was a 1945 graduate of Ocean City High School. He received an appointment to the Naval Academy and graduated from Annapolis with the Class of 1951. He served as gunnery officer on a destroyer supporting ground troops during the Korean War.
Following his military service, he worked in General Electric's defense division in Massachusetts, Vermont, California, and Virginia, among other places.

He was married to Anne (Curran) for 58 years, with whom he had five children and eight grandchildren.
Pete was the oldest of the McCullough grandchildren, and always had a love of Strathmere. He donated many pictures of early Strathmere to the Strathmere website.

In recent years, Pete was able to reconnect with Cornelia Buerklin, whom he had first met in Strathmere over 65 years ago. They had several years of much happiness in Florida and Strathmere.
In 2011, Pete fulfilled a lifelong dream of once again spending an entire summer in Strathmere. He had planned to repeat that in 2012.
Pete will be sorely missed...
Here is his obituary in the Stuart, Florida News:

Young Pete with a beached whale in Strathmere, around 1930

Pete in front of his grandparent's real estate office in Strathmere, 1930.

Pete in front of the 'Indian Rocks' house which collapsed on the beach at Sherman in the late 1930s.

Pete with his mother Delphine and stepfather Frank Quinn, in front of their Strathmere home.

Pete and his prom date Betty Collins in the 1940s

Pete is 6th from the left in this 1946 Sea Isle City Beach Patrol photo.

The Strathmere Improvement Association

Linda Bateman
Elaine Holsomback
Donna Diefenderfer
Dorothy Addario
Ken Weaver

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Schiavo Library: March 2012 Newsletter

Schiavo Library: March 2012 Newsletter
One Hundred Years Ago (1912):
Yes, Strathmere is officially 100 years old! The town will be celebrating all year with special events and remembrances. We will kick things off with a contest – “Strathmere is the best town because….” Email us -  or drop off your ideas here at the library. Winners will be announced in the next newsletter.

Fifty Years Ago (1962):
March 6, 1962 – the date of one of our worse storms. Area libraries and historic societies will be remembering the storm this spring with many special programs. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should come in and check out the DVD - Great New Jersey Coastal Storms. It has powerful footage of that storm and others on the Jersey coast. We will also be showing it again this summer (date TBA).

Food Bank Collection:
Thank you for your donations. They will be delivered to a local food bank.

Thursday Movie Matinees:
For March we will feature movies with a book connection. If you would like to join us, here’s the schedule:
  • March 8: The Notebook
  • March 15: The Lincoln Lawyer
  • March 22: The Girl Who Played with Fire
  • March 29: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Love Your Library Raffle:
The winner is…. Kandy Kruse. Thanks for visiting the library in February, Kandy. Enjoy your prize of library goodies.
Some of our Newest Titles:
  • 11/22/63 by Stephen King
  •  Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly
  •  Catherine the Great by Robert Massie
  •  Litigators by John Grisham

Audio books:
  • Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich
  •  Zero Day by David Baldacci
  •  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson
  •  Help by Kathryn Stockett
We will also soon have the DVDs for the recent Academy Award winners.

Christine Rohrman, Library Director