Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beach photos 4/19/08

Today was a beautiful day. A great day for a walk on the beach. But the condition of the beach from the point to Winthrop is really terrible. Seaview is blocked, so you can't walk out to the beach from there anymore. If you try to get to the beach from the paths at Seacliff or Winthrop, you've got to jump down about 6 feet from the dunes to the beach, because the dunes are just chunked out from the rough weather we had two weeks ago. It's not a gradual drop to the beach, it is a straight cliff. The cliff goes up to about 10-12 feet at Seaview.

The first three photos show the dunes between Seaview and Winthrop. You may be able to jump off the dunes to get down onto the beach, but I had to walk up to Williams to get off the beach, because I couldn't climb back up onto the paths on the dunes.


Between Seacliff and Winthrop

What house did this use to belong to? There are rocks and chunks of cement showing up at the base of the dunes on Seaview, they look like pieces of foundation. There was a cinderblock with decorative stone cemented on the front of it.

Small slabs of concrete and rocks.

The houses that look out on the point - with their fresh sand, which looks like it's already half gone. Second load of fresh sand I should say. Those dunes are shearing off too. The township put new beach fencing on TOP of the fresh sand. I thought those fences were supposed to hold the sand back, not decorate the tops of the dunes. The fence won't do much good up there. We need something to hold in the sand. If it had been done right the first time . . .

Look at this junk. There are more snarled up old pilons exposed then I've ever seen.

This is the point. Remember long leisurely walks around the point? It'll take you about 5 minutes to walk the point now. This low tide.

Oh, there's the sand! Out in the middle of the inlet. This is low tide, looking across the inlet towards OC.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 2008

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Coming over the bridge, trying to see what's left of the point. It was high tide and the water was pretty rough.

At the end of Seacliff, looking north. The yellowish sand is the new sand that the township trucked in. As you can see, the waves are already taking big chunks out of the new dunes. I walked to the end of Seacliff and there was about a 5-6 foot cliff to get from the path to the beach. See the footprints on the top of the new dunes? Everyone should know better than to walk up there.

Here is a south view from Seacliff. The dunes there are now 5-6 foot cliffs too. The waves have taken the beach out right up to the beach fence.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sunset, July 2007

Here's a beautiful sunset photo sent in to the blog from July 2007. Sent in to us by Ben & Liz Pettine, taken by their son Derek. The Pettine family is from West Chester PA, and they have been vacationing in Strathmere forever.
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