Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photos from the Beach Grass Planting on 10/10

To all Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,
As you can see above, not only was there a very successful dune grass planting on October 10, but the plantings withstood the back-to-back nor'easters of last week. The planting of 2500 grass plugs, from Webster to Sumner Roads, was sponsored by the Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club.

SFEC Environmental Chairperson Carol Ferguson coordinated the event; the Township provided some "pogo sticks" to punch holes and Dick Omrod constructed even more. The Fire Company wet down the sand ahead of the "punchers" to keep the holes open while the plugs were inserted. Publicity and invitations to help were distributed by the SIA, the Citizens' Group and the SFEC, resulting in a turnout of over 40 volunteers!
The first step was to separate, one-by-one, the grass plugs:

Then the sand was watered down:

Holes were poked in the sand:

And the plugs inserted into the holes...

Three rows were planted for the entire three blocks...

And then a row was planted on the existing dune...

The entire job was completed in two hours (just as a light rain began).

All volunteers were invited to the SFEC dinner meeting that evening, where they were thanked for their participation.More pictures of the planting may be seen at the SFEC website here.

On another subject, the picture below shows that the transformation of Twisties has begun:

The Strathmere Improvement Association includes all owners in Strathmere and Whale Beach and many visitors. It was founded over 50 years ago as a community organization with the simple objective of making Strathmere a better place. We are proud of the organization's many accomplishments over the years.
Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions for items to be included in the newsletter or for the SIA in general, or if you'd like us to change (or add) your e-mail address (or the address of a friend or relative) in our records. You can contact us by or mailing SIA at P.O. Box 57. Thanks to all for your continuing support!

Butch Vandegrift - President
Ken Weaver - Vice-President
Donna Diefenderfer - Treasurer
Debbie Vandegrift - Secretary

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