Monday, February 14, 2011

SIA Newsletter - February 14, 2011 - The Bridge Is Open!

The Bridge opened today (Monday) at 9:45. Finally!

Actually, it's hard to blame anyone for the timing - only that the communications were a little fogged up...
We saw activity on the bridge Wednesday morning, and then nothing until Saturday. Turns out you can't buy those posts and railings - they had to be fabricated in Allied Painting's shop in Cherry Hill and it took until Friday. They then worked all day Saturday and Sunday (into the dark Sunday), completing it and passing inspection this morning.

Here are the newly fabricated posts and railings ready for installation on Saturday:

Drilling holes for the posts on Saturday

Installing the rails on Sunday...

The finished product (Monday morning).

Removing the barricades ("Tear down that wall!").

The Bridge Commission website has the "Open" announcement:

Next step: the Commission meets Thursday morning to consider new bids on total replacement of the railings. It's not clear if they have the money to do it regardless of how low the bids are...


Thanks for your support of the Strathmere Improvement Association!

Butch Vandegrift - President
Linda Bateman -Vice-President
Donna Diefenderfer - Treasurer
Dorothy Addario - Recording Secretary
Ken Weaver - Corresponding Secretary

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