Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strathmere Motel and some beach videos

Let's start with the positive first. In case you didn't hear, the Strathmere Motel sold over the Winter! The new owners took possession and they starting to fix it up and it's already looking better. On the outside, they replaced shingles and painted. They've put in new windows and doors and now they've started painting the trim dark green, along with the new exterior doors.
I don't know if work has started inside yet, but I hear that the plans are to paint the rooms and get new carpet and new beds. The sign in the window says that they plan to be open sometime in May.

Now the not so good. We had a pretty rough storm last night and it washed out more of the ocean side of the point, which had already been gradually washing out since last June .

The first video below is straight out on the Point, looking north and side to side. The bay side has washed out a little, but towards the ocean the point is really starting to wash out in an angle, towards the bay.

When you go out to the beach from Seacliff, the beach is really looking bad. The video below is rough, sorry. It was windy and I couldn't see what I was filming due to the glare on my camera screen. Two guys where out there, they appeared to be fixing or doing something to the split rail fence at the Seaview entrance. The dune there was washed right out from under part of the fence, leaving it hanging in the air. A lot of pilings are showing again, some more than 3 feet. There is about a 4 foot cliff-drop from the dune at Seaview and north from there.

South from this point, the beach and dunes still look good. For now.

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