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SIA Newsletter 1 28 2013 - Please Apply for FEMA Grant Money; 1903 House Demolished; Please Continue To Donate to SURF!

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

Below is information that resident Lynn Fayter suggested be sent to all Strathmere & Whale Beach homeowners:

She writes,
I attended a FEMA meeting in Ocean City (Saturday) and learned a vital piece of information.
We have a deadline of February 8th to have our names included in Upper's request for grant money to help with elevating our homes.
As far as I know Paul Dietrich only has eight names on the list. Every homeowner in Strathmere and Whale Beach should be on this list.
This grant money is separate from the ICC (increased cost of compliance) benefit included in flood insurance.

The process:
Local communities must send a "letter of intent" to their county, the county then applies to the state, the state applies for the grant.
FEMA allocates the money to the state and the state decides who gets the money for projects.
Upper is applying for this grant, one of the projects included in Upper's "letter of intent" is to help with the cost of elevating homes in flood zones.
The deadline for submission of "letters of intent" is February 8, 2013.
Here's the important part:
All homes are eligible - including second homes. But, you MUST be included in Upper's "letter of intent." If you aren't included and money becomes available you will not be entitled to it. The grant would pay 75% of the cost of elevating a house.
It is important to call, email, or send a letter (we're sending ours certified mail - overnight) to Paul Dietrich immediately. I do not know when he will send the letter of intent to the county so it's advisable to send your letter now!
New flood zones and elevation heights will go into effect within 1-2 years. You might be in compliance now but not with the new elevation heights.
Have your name included on the "letter of intent" just in case you need to raise your home later. You can always decline the grant money if you so chose.

We asked Paul Dietrich to comment on this, and he responded:
I have to have the information earlier than February 8 because I have to submit it to the county & then it is forwarded to FEMA. Any interested property owners should email me asap stating they are interested in raising their home in conjunction with the township's application for hazard mitigation grant. Homeowners should realize that part of this grant is a 25% match from the homeowner; ICC money received may be used as the match as well as engineering & surveying costs. Additionally, work cannot begin on construction until we receive the grant.
If property owners could also send me copies of their elevation certificate, that would help.
I will apply for more than I have letters for so that if people come forward later during the summer as they see what their new insurance premiums will be I will have the allotment ready. But the ones I have letters for will be first to get the grant dollars if they limit our grant award.


Note that the e-mail address for Paul Dietrich is:

and the mailing address is:
Township of Upper, PO Box 205, Tuckahoe, NJ 08250


This week, two houses built in 1903 and 1910 were demolished. It was definitely time.
The older one, an up-and-down duplex next to the playground, suffered extensive damage in the Veteran's Day storm of 2009, and even more from Sandy.
The three units will be replaced by two units in a side-by-side duplex.

Here the furniture is emptied to prepare for demolition,

and here the asbestos has been removed from the original buildings...

Then, they both come down in one day!

That all happened in one day last Monday, January 21. Clean-up took two days and completed Wednesday...

Some fun!

We definitely still have Strathmere folks in need, so the Strathmere United Relief Fund would very much appreciate your (additional) donations.

Please make checks payable to Strathmere United Methodist Church, Box 49, Strathmere, 08248. Write SURF in the memo line. Thanks for caring!


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