Thursday, April 04, 2013

Schiavo Library: April 2013 Newsletter

Schiavo Library: April 2013 Newsletter

National Library Week National Library Week is April 14 – 20th.
We will be celebrating with bookmarks and cupcakes. Stop in! This year I chose our very able and reliable assistant, Melissa Warren, as our official “Star” Assistant. Thanks Melissa for a great job!

Important Warning:
When you come back to Strathmere this spring and summer, make sure that you check your home’s wiring for water damage. Salt water from flooding is very bad for wiring and appliances. The Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company suggests: Be safe – get it checked out!

Mahjong, anyone?
A group is forming to learn and practice Mahjong here in the library. A schedule will be available soon. Also, some residents are interested in starting a “Walking Group.” If you would like to join them during their morning walk, call the library for more details (609 486-6265). See, it’s definitely SPRING!

Save the date:
Our fourth annual Memorial Day Used Book Sale is scheduled for May 24th – June 14th. Donations have been coming in all winter and we have TONS of good books – hardbound and paperback. Our prices are very reasonable, too.

Some of our newest book titles:
Home by Toni Morrison
The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty
Fall from Grace by Richard North Patterson
Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck
Team of Rivals by Doris K. Goodwin
Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly

Christine Rohrman, Library Director


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