Friday, May 22, 2015

Strathmere Improvement Association Update - trash, Beach dredging, SIA fundraising items

Memorial Day greetings to all our Strathmere and Whale Beach friends and neighbors.

1.Attached are two pdf files: one showing some of the beach progress and the other highlighting two new items for sale as fundraisers for the Improvement Association (SIA).

2. Also here's a reminder regarding trash and recycling for Monday: The Township will be collecting as per usual. If you must leave town before your containers are empty, please try to ask a neighbor to bring them back from the curb.

3. Township Engineer Paul Dietrich has provided the following beach replenishment update (Please see attached file).

For the weekend, beaches from Tecumseh south will be open. If work continues as scheduled, it is possible that Vincent will also be open. Security guards are on the beach and rope off areas where work is being done, so please watch for them and be sure to stay clear of the equipment and the roped off areas. Work will continue through the weekend and is a 24/7 operation. There is NO safe beach access at this time north of Winthrop.

New beach access paths are being installed. They will be 10' wide and compacted gravel will be installed on the walkway. A split rail fence will be on either side of walkways. The Upper Township Beach Patrol will have guards stationed in the Lifeguard Headquarters on Williams and in Whale Beach near the port-a-potty. That schedule is expected to be in place into early June.

As previously announced, the plan is to continue work on the north end in town (approx. 20 more days), then the crew will head to Avalon until mid July and return to work in Whale Beach.

We wish you a happy, safe summer season "down the shore." More news to follow!

Thanks very much for your continuing support of the Strathmere Improvement Association!

Linda Bateman        Elaine Holsomback        Donna Diefenderfer          Rosemarie Whelan              
    President              Vice-President                  Treasurer                             Recording Secretary      

PS Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Summer Solstice Star Party on June 20, sponsored by the SIA and presented by Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer and Director of the Fels Planetarium, The Franklin Institute.

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