Friday, November 02, 2012

A few more Strathmere photos

This aerial view is from Bruce Corey's Facebook page. Photo was taken Strathmere 11/1. 2PM.
The beach and Point are looking good, showing again how very lucky we were. Water damage done in Strathmere was caused by the Bay, not the ocean.

This photo came from Ed Tettemer's Twitter. Docks and piers on our bay really took a beating. But still no reports of any major structural damage to homes in Strathmere.


I copied this Tweet and photo from Twitter this morning. This photo shows why you  CANNOT access Whale Beach and Strathmere from Sea Isle City. There is still a lot of sand on Landis to be cleared, and 1st street south to 29th street in Sea Isle is closed.

Entering from Ocean City, the road through to Whale Beach is clear to about 2nd St. in Sea Isle. From 2nd street and south, Landis is still impassable.

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