Thursday, November 15, 2012

SURF - Strathmere United Relief Fund - for Strathmere homeowners recovering from Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our community has united
to bring immediate relief to Strathmere and Whale Beach.
The Strathmere United Relief Fund

Here’s how you can help
Dear friend, A few days ago, while strolling through Strathmere, one might have thought there was some kind of freak-show yard sale going on all over town. At first glance, it seemed like a trash-picker’s holiday. Not so fast.
Hurricane Sandy ravaged our favorite seashore town. While the beach fared well, and the dunes did their job in stoic fashion, the swollen bay waters were devastating. Floodwaters as high as four and five feet poured through our friends’ and neighbors’ homes. And within hours, a heartbreaking bazaar of sodden mattresses, easy chairs, refrigerators, carpet, sheetrock and flooring, and priceless family treasures lined our little streets in testimony to Sandy’s awesome power.

Because it’s Strathmere and Whale Beach, however, folks came rushing to help. The clean-up began immediately, and as the first night fell on the morning after, it was clear this event was unlike anything most of us had seen in our lifetime. We realizd our community is in serious trouble.
Because we are Strathmerians, we will rise to the occasion and get through this. This is a community of proud, fiercely independent individuals. Simply put, we take care of our own. Our little barrier island is blessed with five highly engaged civic organizations, and they have come together to create the Strathmere United Relief Fund (SURF).

Citizens for Strathmere & Whale Beach, the Strathmere Fishing &  Environmental Club, the Strathmere Improvement Association and the Strathmere United Methodist Church are working together to raise money to help those who need our help now.

We need your cash to help some folks bridge the gap between insurance and reality. We need your cash to help some folks have a temporary roof over their heads. We need your cash to help others make it through Sandy’s aftermath in too many ways to list here.
Dollars aren’t the only way you can help. Cash in your credit card points and donate gift cards to Home Depot or Walmart or Amazon or anywhere else folks can get what they need to rebuild their lives. What we don’t need is furniture or bed linens or any other physical goods. We simply have no storage space.
A team of representatives from each of the aforementioned community groups will administer SURF to ensure that help goes to those who most need it. Their names and email addresses are at the bottom of this letter.

Everyone who lives in Strathmere and Whale Beach – full-time or part-time – may be eligible. And we promise to keep everyone’s personal circumstances confidential.
 Let’s face it. There are some folks who will never ask for assistance. So if you know people on your block or in your neighborhood that need help, please encourage them to ask. There are many resources available to all of us, and a very comprehensive FAQ sheet is attached to help you understand what’s there and how to proceed. But if you or anyone you know needs immediate help, it’s here for the asking.


The trustees of the Strathmere United Methodist Church will manage the emergency financial resources in a separate SURF account. These volunteers will ensure that every tax-deductible dollar contributed goes to hurricane relief and to no other purpose.

Please make your check to:
Strathmere United Methodist Church
and send it to Surf, Box 49, Strathmere, NJ 08248.
Please designate “SURF” in the memo section of your check. You may send gift cards to the same address.
To reach out for help, or to let us know of anyone who needs help, please feel free to contact any of the SURF volunteers listed below.
Or send an email to

Your communications will be held in the strictest of confidence, we promise.
During times like these, Strathmerians prove why our town is unlike any other along the Jersey shore. We take care of our own. And we know you’ll help today.

Thank you
Strathmere United Relief Fund  

Linda Bateman, Strathmere Improvement Associatiom -
Gary Riordan, Strathmere United Methodist Church -
Bob Roland, Trustee: Strathmere United Methodist Church -

PS: Make your check out to
Strathmere United Methodist Church and designate
“SURF” in the memo or with a cover note.
Mail it to:
Box 49
Strathmere NJ 08248.

Or reach out in confidence via -

or to any of the SURF volunteers above.


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